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US Teen Gets Mexican Jail Time for Brutal Cartel Assassinations

US Teen Gets Mexican Jail Time for Brutal Cartel Assassinations

New York Daily News via YellowBrix

July 27, 2011

CUERNAVACA, Mexico – After he was seen on video calmly explaining how he tortured and beheaded at least four people, an American-born teen nicknamed “El Ponchis” was sentenced Tuesday in a Mexican court on kidnapping and murder charges.

The San Diego-born 14-year-old, whose real name is Edgar Jimenez Lugo, received three years in a juvenile prison – the maximum allowed under law.

He was also fined 4.5 million pesos – or about $390,000.

Lugo was captured in December near Mexico City with his 19-year-old sister who is accused of helping him dump the bodies in December.

Authorities believe that they were fleeing the country after committing some chilling murders.

On the damning video shown in court, a military interrogator asks the unidentified teen: “How many have you killed?”

The curly-haired teen, according to CNN, calmly replies “Four.”

When asked how he killed them, he admits “I slit their throats.”

The stories of “El Ponchis” – considered one of the most jarring symbols in the bloody Mexican drug war – had become near-legend in the country after a YouTube video circulated reportedly showing the teen beating a man with a two-by-four while the man was hanging from the ceiling.

When he was captured by authorities, the teen said that he was kidnapped at age 11 and had been forced to work for the Cartel of The South Pacific.

At the time he told reporters, “I participated in four executions, but I did it drugged and under threat that if I didn’t, they would kill me.”

The ongoing drug violence has claimed at least 41,000 lives since 2008.

  • 74596_129289523905506_927477597_n_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Some of you may not buy his BS but many rebel groups recruit kids as young as 6 to become soldiers and killers. While I agree the punishment does NOT fit the crime, human trafficking/kidnapping is VERY real and these cartel members have no problem killing innocent kids and whose to say they wouldn't kidnap kids and use them as foot soldiers and hitmen?

    Chechnya, Sudan, Uganda, Columbia, Brazil, Mexico....the drug and militia groups have no problems using children as young as 6 to do their dirty work. Train them, drug 'em up and either they kill or get killed. This goes on ALOT more than we think or realize because we live in a society that cares more about celebrities than things like this.

    My opinion may be unpopular but this kid's story may have a lot of truth to it.

  • Pug_max600_max50


    about 3 years ago


    And for a few more pieces of silver he would do it again. Wait till he comes back to the US in three years.

  • Patch_max50


    about 3 years ago


    I am mixed in all this, Dont get me wrong he has commited terrible crimes, but what if he was truly kidnapped and forced into it. Plus drugged, most kids would do whatever they are told to do, specially if they are drugged up and told they will be killed if they dont do as they're told. I am reserving judgment in this one, but yes i agree the punishment does not meet the crime. But these cartels are very very brutal so I am not ruling out that he was forced.

  • M_9667fc2c687f23a8152f2bc98d03777d_max50


    about 3 years ago


    He might be "just 14" in the eyes of our more civilized culture. However, he has committed adult crimes; his childhood was obviously over long ago.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 3 years ago

    Violence only breeds violence. Hard to believe that a 14 year old would commit such acts of violence but then again its hard for me to leave that anyone does but they do...

  • 10_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Fry this little bugger. Whne he gets out the US will have to take him in

  • Marvin_max50


    about 3 years ago


    no college, what scares me is that when he gets out, he has citizenship here. The mexican government will kick him out and we"ll have a little charlie manson running around.

  • Policememorial---a_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Bump Robocop. Save future lives by executing this punk now. Do they REALLY expect him to be rehabilitated into an honest, law abiding citizen? In a MEXICAN prison?

  • Imag0190_max50


    about 3 years ago


    The only thing left to say, is I am not very surprised with the Judicial System. More people get shorter sentences or parole/probation instead of doing time for the violent crimes they commit.

  • 12_week_old_brindle_male_pm_max50


    about 3 years ago


    I agree with Robocop. Much Respect to our Border Patrol and Custom Agents. Also, all our LEOS' in the USA.

  • Picture_100_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Scary to think there are more like him on the street around us every day. Let your guard down for a teen and you may be a dead LEO.

  • 1979_max50


    about 3 years ago


    A stone cold killer who only received 3 years in juvie because he is 14, wow! This kid is a Cartel hitman and he will be not only protected while serving these 3 years but he will be an honored person while there and looking to recruit some of these youngsters for the cartels.
    Sorry to feel this way but he should be put down like the very sick and dangerous animal that he is

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 3 years ago


    This is just one more consequence of drug prohibition, in my opinion. It's just like alcohol prohibition all over again. Several European countries have decriminalized. Some saw reductions in drug use--some didn't. But all saw reductions in organized crime, violence, and theft.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 3 years ago


    Referred to as "The San Diego-born 14-year-old" makes you wonder if his parents were illegal aliens and he was born here. As far as I am concerned, he would also be an illegal alien, and do not allow him back in the United States.

  • Jegg_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Obviously a 14-year-old did not act alone. How was he to get someone suspended from a ceiling by himself? Or slit four throats without some kind of struggle. I think he's telling the truth that he did these things under duress. I'm not saying he's totally innocent. It's just funny that there is no mention of the co-perpetrators.

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