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BART Police Release Intense Shooting Video

BART Police Release Intense Shooting Video

This frame grab from a BART closed circuit television camera at the Civic Center station, shows a BART Police Officer shooting Charles Blair Hill (off camera) on Sunday, July 3, 2011.

San Jose Mercury News via YellowBrix

July 22, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO – A dramatic video released Thursday shows a BART police officer drawing his gun and firing the shots that killed a knife-wielding homeless man July 3 at San Francisco’s Civic Center station.

The limited-angle video from a fixed BART security camera did not show the homeless man, Charles Hill, but it shows what officials say is his knife flying past the police officer and then bouncing off a BART train.

The flash of the officer’s gun can be seen at almost the same time as the knife whizzes by — possibly thrown by the homeless man.

Even with the limited view from the video, the only one to capture the 9:45 p.m. shooting, BART police Chief Kenton Rainey said he believes the footage is consistent with the officer’s statement that he felt threatened by Hill coming at him with a knife. The public has raised questions about the shooting and whether officers, who are equipped with Tasers, used excessive force.

Rainey said the officer fired three times after the 45-year-old Hill “raised his arm with a knife in an aggressive manner” and ignored a command to drop the weapon.

In a news conference at the agency’s headquarters in Oakland, interim BART General Manager Sherwood Wakeman said the transit district released the video in keeping with its commitment to transparency in officer-involved shooting investigations.

“It’s important to make this video available in a timely manner,” Wakeman said.

The San Francisco Police Department, he lead agency in the shooting investigation, had asked BART not to release the video until all witnesses at the station platform that night were interviewed.

With that now done, SFPD authorized the release of the 80-second video Wednesday.

BART officials said SFPD hasn’t set a timetable to conclude its investigation into the shooting, but plan to issue a progress report within 45 days.

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  • Untitledma28839986-0002_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Looks like a good shoot. The officer saw the threat, stopped the threat, and went home at the end if his shift. Bump esu and 36TR. Things can go from 0 to crap real fast.

  • Eagle_and_flag_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Looks like a good shoot to me. I agree with esu: Things can go bad in a heartbeat!!!

  • L_59fe72e99fa891e59f62e6ceb62eca88_max50


    about 3 years ago


    The public raises questions? Well, get a badge and get a knife thrown at you then you can ask your question. Glad the officer went home alive at the end of his watch.

  • Esu_patch_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Shows you how quickly things can go bad,,,

  • 827-2294l_max50


    about 3 years ago


    The SF Bay Area population will be up in a ruckus about this. It is a no win for the LE of the area. Good luck to the officers involved.

  • Picture_100_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Even when the officers are cleard, the SF Population will be nuts. The SF Bay Area police never get a break from the population.

  • Charger_max50


    about 3 years ago


    If you fail to heed the warning then you suffer the consequences...

  • John_groh_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Looks good to me. Hope everything works out for the Officers.

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