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2011 Chevy Caprice Police Car Makes Debut

2011 Chevy Caprice Police Car Makes Debut

Source: Chevy

Press Release

July 06, 2011

DETROIT – Forsyth County, Ga. Sheriff Ted Paxton saw the 2011 Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) at several events last year and was impressed enough to be among early law enforcement customers. The PPVs began patrol in Cumming, Ga. in May.

“With its emphasis on the ergonomically designed seats for officer comfort, and enhanced safety features, the Caprice is a vehicle that is made for police work,” said Paxton. “We’ve had our vehicles for a month, and we’re sold. This will be a worthwhile investment.”

After the vehicles’ first month on patrol, the sheriff’s office plans to replace its current fleet of approximately 175 other patrol vehicles with Caprice PPVs.

Paxton has company. Dennis Hogan, Fleet Services manager in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, also pulled the trigger.

“We view the police vehicle as an extended office for our officers,” Hogan said. “We chose the Caprice, because it delivers optimal officer operational space, trunk and storage space, and generally provides our officers the most suitable operating environment.”

Equipped with segment-leading interior volume (112 cubic feet / 3,172 liters) and specially designed front seats sculpted to allow space for gun belts, the rear-wheel-drive Caprice PPV provides officers the comfort they need during their long hours in their mobile office.

Police agencies across the country told Chevrolet that they need a powerful rear-wheel drive vehicle that offers performance, safety and comfort.

“The Chevrolet Caprice PPV is our response to what our nation’s police officers said they needed to safely and effectively perform their jobs,” said Brian Small, general manager, GM Fleet and Commercial Operations. “In the design process of this vehicle, we polled many of our customers to gain insight as to their needs. Thus far, the results seem to speak for themselves and prove that customer feedback is critical to meet and exceed expectations.”

Armed with a powerful 6.0L V-8 engine, 355 horsepower and 384 lb-ft torque, Caprice PPV has best-in-class top speed and zero-to-60 acceleration (sub six seconds). The vehicle also offers a segment exclusive front-seat-only head curtain air bag, which allows for installation of a full-width prisoner partition. Additionally, StabiliTrak, GM’s electronic stability control technology, provides a “police performance” mode for enhanced stability during high-speed driving to help ensure the safety of the PPV occupants.

For more information on the 2012 Chevrolet Impala Police, visit

  • Police_max50


    almost 3 years ago


    This is indeed a nice car, but you should also take a look at the Des Moines Dodge police car. Those are some awesome models which have a high level of performance on the streets.

  • Anonymous-killer-whale-232189_1__max50


    about 3 years ago


    Car looks nice, but like most everyone else, I think the shifter belongs on the column. Hope it proves to be a winner, though.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 3 years ago

    Looks pretty sweet, won't know if it's good till I actually see it in action.

  • Geiger_max50


    about 3 years ago


    I don't like it .. I'm glad my Chief is on a Charger kick.

  • Patch_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Couldn't agree more 4426

  • Capt


    about 3 years ago


    well again.....I won't buy one until they get the shifter off the floor--back up to the column where it belongs. No way would I go through the troulbe of mounting equipment sideways. I've been through all that before trying other vehicles and it' does't for now looks like we're sticking with Ford and Dodge.

  • Fa03_max50


    about 3 years ago


    i like the interior of this new caprice , but im sorry to say i'm a CHARGER kind a guy even the 2011 charger ppv is is hot

  • Cops4christ_max50


    about 3 years ago


    our old caprices had a high "booty" was a pain backing up sometimes!
    #1 cause of officer involved accidents? improper i'm not cracked up about going to that body style...i will have to agree the carbon has the best from what i have seen but getting ur dept to buy it is a whole different story!

  • Justice-400_max50


    about 3 years ago


    I'm really not seeing anything too special here. I'll keep my charger.

  • Picture_max50


    about 3 years ago


    its a nice car but i would have to to say the new caprice would look alot better if it had the 90's body but thats just me. the HP isnt all that bad on it 355 for a v8

  • 1979_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Not really impressed. The gear shift needs to be on the column and not between the seats. I also still see the stiff spotlight handle that had injured many Officers, some terribly even in minor crashes. The cleaner the interior the safer the vehicle for us. For you Crown Vic lovers, get over it, they are gone and they were not a safe patrol car anyway! We need a purpose built patrol vehicle which is exactly what the Carbon Motors unit is. It is build for the job and for Officer safety. No it does not meet all needs but I do think that the Tahoe makes a great unit especially for SWAT, K-9, and other specialty units that need lots of storage room for special equipment. Dodge stepped up with the Charger which is a very good unit and they do now make a special police package that if much better than the plain fleet units of old with heavy duty cooling, handling, and electrical system. They also offer both the V6 and the V8 Hemi. That new V6 with the VVT engine is very quick and more than enough for most city units and really most police work. The Hemi is definitely a Highway type patrol unit because of the power. Again, not for all situations. I can see most PD's using Chargers, Tahoe's and Carbon Motors E7's for their fleet. The Ford and Chevy platforms just are not what I would want to spend my valuable fleet money on.

  • 100_0325_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Doesn't matter which one you get, none of them are the old Caprise.

  • Car_004_max50


    about 3 years ago


    I think the Ford has the GM beat in a majority of areasto include safety and space

  • Cops4christ_max50


    about 3 years ago


    Bump Top Cat...more safety and SPACE should be priority

  • Car_004_max50


    about 3 years ago


    officer1983, I would love the turbo AWD Interceptor but I did not mention it because I do not think there is a snowball's chance that my agency will spring for that model. I heard we are getting the AWD interceptors without the turbo, which sucks. If they let me spring for the difference I would glad to pay for the upgrade!!

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