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Cop Killer Sentenced to Death

Cop Killer Sentenced to Death

Associated Press

May 20, 2011

GEORGETOWN, Del. (AP) — A Maryland man convicted of killing a Delaware police officer in 2009 was sentenced to death Friday by a judge who described him as a dangerous career criminal.

Derrick Powell of Cumberland, Md., hung his head but said nothing after Judge. T. Henley Graves imposed the death penalty for the September 2009 murder of Georgetown patrolman Chad Spicer.

Spicer was struck in the face by a single bullet as he sat in the passenger seat of a police cruiser following the pursuit of a car carrying Powell and two other men. The pursuit began after Powell shot at a drug dealer he was trying to rob in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant, jurors were told.

Graves rejected defense arguments that Powell, 24, should be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole because he was not the “worst of the worst,” but the product of an abusive and dysfunctional childhood home.

Graves said there was nothing in the evidence to suggest that Powell was taught to be “a career criminal” or “involved in a drug-selling, gun-carrying world.”

“The sad fact is that too many people are raised in dysfunctional families,” Graves said, adding that most do not devote themselves to a life of crime.

“Mr. Powell did what exactly what he wanted to do, regardless of the consequences,” said the judge, noting that Powell began selling drugs “at a very early age,” then turned to robbery and more violent crimes.

“He is explosive. He is violent. He is a dangerous person,” Graves said, adding that “there are consequences to decisions made in life.”

After reviewing all the evidence and the jury’s 7-5 recommendation that Powell be executed, Graves said he concluded that the aggravating circumstances favoring the death penalty outweighed the mitigating circumstances favoring life without parole.

“The sentence, therefore, must be death,” the judge said, as soft applause from the supporters of Spicer’s family mixed with sobbing from Powell’s mother and stepmother.

“Killing our brother is not going to bring him back,” a young woman shouted outside the courthouse as she got into an SUV with a Maryland license plate.

As they left the courthouse accompanied by Attorney General Beau Biden, Spicer’s parents, Norman and Ruth Ann Spicer, said simply that “justice was served.”

  • Blue_crop380w_max50


    over 3 years ago


    Justice Served, AMEN, RIP Officer Spicer! To the guilty, I hope you rot for eternity!

  • Fallenherobadge-3-1_max50_max50


    over 3 years ago


    Cant erase this pos quick enough for me, do tonight so I can sleep good dreams. Good Bless Leo Spicer and his family.

  • 582602_3283682777720_334551836_n_max50


    over 3 years ago


    Drug dealer lives, officer gets killed. God must have needed and Angel, and Hell is getting a little overcrowded.
    To the sister, Nope, It won't bring the officer back, but it will bring his family closure. Futhermore, the Death sentence will protect the other inmates that may have minor offenses, But most importantly his death will protect the CO's he may try to harm.

  • Herosonpatrol_max50


    over 3 years ago


    RIP Officer Spicer.

  • Pic-0246_max50


    over 3 years ago


    i love that one of the sisters said killing my brother wont bring the officer back. but this idiot should be sentenced to life in prison instead? get free meals free healthcare and get a chance to see his family once in a while? something the officer will never be able to do again? if he is going to die in prison even with a life sentence then get it over with quick and save the taxpayers some money

  • Justified_max50


    over 3 years ago


    It is unfortunate how many people grow up in abusive or neglectful households, I see it all the time at this job. But most of them don't grow up to become armed robbers and cop killers; at some point personal responsibility comes into play. He chose to be there, chose to shoot. No excuses.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 3 years ago

    I agree with Deputy Carter, completely.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 3 years ago

    Rest in Peace Officer Spicer.

    Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live".

  • 2011_range_day_2-19-10_max50


    over 3 years ago


    The judge got it right. Thank God, Justice prevailed.

  • Uniphone1_max50


    over 3 years ago


    Justice delivered....Hopefully for him, he's asked God to forgive him for murdering one of His servants. Rest in Peace Officer Spicer and God Bless!

    "Train for the Fight"

  • Img_0490_max50


    over 3 years ago


    This guy tried to rip off another criminal, but kills a Police Officer. This guy is the worst of the worst, and I give +1 to Judge Graves and the Del Criminal Justice System. My heart and prayer go out to the family, friends, and co-workers of Officer Spicer. Rest in Peace, and Thank you for your service.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 3 years ago


    Why always bring up the "Abusive and dysfunctional childhood" defense? When was the last execution in that state anyways? He will probably eat up the tax dollars for 20-30 years before it's carried out. Send him to Texas and he will go to the front of the line.

  • Geiger_max50


    over 3 years ago


    Fry Baby Fry

  • Ringo_max50


    over 3 years ago


    Bump Robo

    Don't waste the money to feed and house this animal for the next 10 years, 9mm ammo is cheap.

  • O_s_max50


    over 3 years ago


    bump donna. i vote bump up the needle date

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