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Video: Jiu-Jitsu Teacher Defends Officer from Attacker

Video: Jiu-Jitsu Teacher Defends Officer from Attacker

Video Screen Capture

San Francisco Examiner via YellowBrix

April 22, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO – As The San Francisco Examiner first reported, a jiu-jitsu instructor saved a San Francisco police officer from a pummeling after an alleged incident involving a Muni citation.

Now, there is a video of the event.

Police say that 23-year-old Paris Augusta assaulted a police officer after the cop escorted him off a Muni bus following a routine fare inspection. Augusta allegedly walked away from the officer and a reserve officer, before one of the cops chased after him and placed his hand on Augusta’s shoulder.

Augusta allegedly turned around and punched the officer, police said.

Jiu-jitsu instructor Pedro Arrigoni — who had just finished a class at the AB Mixed Martial Arts Academy at 2975 San Bruno Ave. — said he saw the suspect attack the officer, and that he then rushed out to subdue the man.

The video obtained by The San Francisco Examiner does not show the original alleged attack by the 5-foot-9, 166-pound Augusta, but it does show the response by Arrigoni.

Augusta was taken into custody and he was booked for assault on a police officer and resisting arrest, police said.

WARNING: Video contains graphic language that some viewers may find offensive.

  • Fallenherobadge-3-1_max50_max50


    over 3 years ago


    Terrible camera work, jreat martial arts work.

  • Apvbadgeheader_max50


    over 3 years ago


    Damn great job!

  • L_59fe72e99fa891e59f62e6ceb62eca88_max50


    over 3 years ago


    I would find it very hard if any magistrate here in alabama would continue on with an assault charge on a good samaritan. That's basic criminal law and proceedure. It's obvious there has to elements or requirments in order to charge someone with assault. At least in my state it would be much appreciated if someone stepped up like this.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 3 years ago


    Mr. Arrigoni, anytime you want to help me out, you feel free. I am not to proud to ask for help. You should be commended for stepping in instead of just watching what happens. The whole "law enforcement" thing? It's a team effort. We can't do it alone. Citizens need to realize that we work WITH you.

  • Pic-0246_max50


    over 3 years ago


    whoever filmed this wouldve been better off taking pics instead of filming the actual incident for a few seconds and video taping everything for the rest of the time. video quality is not good at all but hats off to the martial arts instructor who stepped in to help out

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 3 years ago


    He should have broke his neck!!!! That's the problem today no f^^king respect for the law. The big mouth gutter rats yelling should have been taken down with him especially if they support attacking a police officer. I pray daily the Lord protect and keep our officers and out troops. Terrible footage but Stevie Wonder could see his A&& need to go under the jail!!! I apologize my fellow linkers but these actions really piss me off. When you attack a police officer that says to me you have no business on the streets ever period!!!!

  • 20091128130150_1__max50


    over 3 years ago


    who gave that guy the camera? They should be arrested.

  • 014_max50


    over 3 years ago


    How could any sane person think it would be funny to charge an outstanding citizen when he helped a BROTHER OFFICER out.... Hats off to the instructor who was willing to stand up and help...

  • Pro_max50


    over 3 years ago


    Good to see someone still willing to help police out. It's not a lot of fun wrestling with a loon in a road, been there and done that more time than I wish to recall.
    Mind you, it would have helped if the drunk videoing this gave his phone to someone who was sober - worst video capture ever.

  • Dsc02735_max50


    over 3 years ago


    forensicinvestigator, A passerby in Spokane Washington interfered with a knife attack on two women, putting the attacker to the ground and holding him until the police arrived. The man that stopped the knife attack WAS charged with assault and DID spend time in State prison. America is a dangerous place - if not the criminals on the street then the criminals in government.

  • Me_max50


    over 3 years ago


    oh yeah Foxblood...just for the record, No you couldn't get away with it. It's called, in most jurisdictions, the Good Samaritan law and it protects acts like this from arrest and/or liability.

  • Reaper2_max50


    over 3 years ago


    fox blood, I am pretty sure you would not get away with charging the bjj instructer with a battery, he was using force to stop a felony in progress, an attack on a leo. the law provides for the use of force to effect an arrest, especially when someone's life is in immediate danger as it was here, the cop did bring at least one gun to the fight and in the slowed down version we see he was not in control and therefore in immediate danger for his life. Any leo that would get up and arrest this helpful citizen should find another job. we need the public behind us.

  • Me_max50


    over 3 years ago


    foxblood....are you nuts? How could assisting a police officer that is being assaulted be construed by ANY court as an assault by the instructor? Not to mention I don't see a thing funny about any officer involved assault. You must never have worked the streets and been attacked by a suspect or you'd never make a statement like that. By the way, kudos to the instructor for coming to the aid of a downed police officer!! More people should get that involved with their local PD. It would go a LONG way to community/police relations.

  • Anglo__2__max50


    over 3 years ago


    I get a kick out of people and their use of a video camera taking more footage of their feet, sidewalk, automobiles, blue sky, or whatever rather than the incident that they are viewing. I don't understand why they even post the video. Yep, civilians can be an asset, they just have to be utilized.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 3 years ago


    Like to buy Mr. Arrigoni a beer or whatever......thanks

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