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Criminal Bites Police K9; Sues Dept. for Excessive Force

Criminal Bites Police K9; Sues Dept. for Excessive Force

Phoenix police K-9 dog Zeke was bit on his muzzle by a thief he caught. [Phoenix Police Dept]

New York Daily News via YellowBrix

April 16, 2011

PHOENIX, AZ – It’s a classic case of man bites police dog.

After a K-9 dog chased down a Phoenix-area thief, the caught criminal punched the pooch and bit him on his muzzle, according to a police report.

The captured thief, 33-year-old Erin Sullivan, is suing the cops, claiming they used excessive force to catch him.

“When the dog went for Erin’s neck area, Erin felt his life was in danger and hit and bit the dog on its nose,” the lawsuit, filed last month, alleges. The complaint also says Sullivan needed 40 staples to heal the dog bites to his arm and shoulders, the Arizona Republic reports.

The cops, however, allege Sullivan injured the dog, named Zeke.

“Sullivan punched Zeke in the face then bit Zeke on his muzzle. Zeke then repositioned his bite to Sullivan’s upper left arm. Sullivan pulled Zeke’s face toward his and bit Zeke over his right eye,” according to the report.

Sullivan, who is currently serving 8 years in prison in connection with the burglary last year, is seeking a total of $450,000 in damages from the cities of Glendale and Phoenix.

The convict, who is diabetic, also claims the police in Glendale refused to give him insulin and that he had a seizure while he was held in his cell.

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