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Coffee With TheSarge: Happy 4th Birthday PoliceLink!

Coffee With TheSarge: Happy 4th Birthday PoliceLink!


April 01, 2011

Have a cup of coffee on me. April 1 is a special day.

Congratulations to you, the members and visitors of PoliceLink. This is our 4th year on the internet. We initially launched in April 2007. Our longevity is in large part due to your faithfulness and dedication for PoliceLink. While other social media sites have come and gone, PoliceLink continues to steadily grow and become stronger. Our Law Enforcement professionals lend credibility to the material and resources on our site. Our law enforcement supporters, fans and friends continue to support the law enforcement community. Together, we are the ‘go to’ site to receive information to assist in developing a law enforcement career.

As we move into our 5th year, allow me to suggest some ideas that will make you more comfortable and fluid in PoliceLink.

First, be real. Although we mostly choose usernames that are discreet, feel free to interact with each other with freedom and clarity. Our LEO’s are more than willing to share their lives and careers with your as long as trust can be the bridge. And visa versa, of course. We even have PoliceLink volunteer mentors that will guide those who are genuine and sincere in ‘going for it’.

Second, because of increased experience with social networking websites, I am asking that all LEO’s double check their profiles. Make sure you are in compliance with your agency’s guidelines for internet and social media usage. We welcome LEO’s from anywhere in the U.S. and around the world. Just be careful to use PoliceLink with dignity and respect. Although it is a social networking website, we as LEO’s are still held to a higher standard than your garden variety social website. Keep your personal info, department and location information discreet unless you choose to do so.

Third, take time to go through all those tabs on the homepage. You’ll discover some great training material from credible authors. There is a lot there to offer guidance to assist you in pursuing a LEO career. Some of the articles found on the site have had thousands of pageviews from interested personnel. Check them out. They can be great for in-house training or personal and career development.

On a somber note, we have lost many officers/deputies due to line of duty deaths. Our losses are almost at the same level as military personnel deployed in hot zones overseas. A large number of deaths occur as a result of driving accidents. Our stats show that to be a very clear area of concern. All of you LEO’s, let’s be careful out there. And LEO supporters and community volunteers, if you see an officer or deputy enroute to help someone, safely move to the right. Weapons violation related deaths are high. Be in a constant learning mode so you can have great officer safety skills and street smarts that will move you closer to your retirement.

Lastly, I offer my personal thanks to Kendra kweikman. She has poured her heart into the site since Chris Cosgriff moved forward to develop the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP). Kendra has filled the gap marvelously.

Also, thanks to the volunteer Moderator Team. They tirelessly strive to make PoliceLink a safe haven for all who call this there social network of choice. I appreciate their dedication, passion and esprit de corps.

Happy Birthday PoliceLink !! We are alive and well and pursuing many years of success.

TheSarge is a retired police sergeant and a long time Forums Administrator for PoliceLink.

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