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High Court to Officers: Pay Your Speed Camera Fines

High Court to Officers: Pay Your Speed Camera Fines

February 11, 2011

ROCKVILLE, Md. – Some local police officers who contested tickets they received from speed cameras have now been told to pay up.

The case involves four Montgomery County Police officers caught speeding while on duty in 2008. At the time, the cars were caught on camera without emergency lights and sirens running. A police department review found the officers were not responding to official police calls.

The tickets, which initially went to the owner of the cars – the Montgomery County Police Department, were reissued directly to the officers.

The officers say their due process rights were violated, claiming it took so long to reissue the tickets, they forgot the reasons why they had been speeding. Their attorneys say the reasons could have been legitimate, such as to stop a child from running into the street to chase a ball.

The officers were found guilty in District Court, but when the cops took their case to Circuit Court, a judge dismissed the tickets.

The state then appealed to Maryland’s highest court. The Court of Appeals ruled the officers were not denied due process and they have to pay the $40 fines after all.

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