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Man shot by Oakland schools cop is identified

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Source: sfgate The San Francisco Chronicle on line

January 24, 2011

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    over 3 years ago


    This was someones child that they just up and killed. doesnt matter what the reason is! he could have shot him in the hand , the shoulder but no the police was aiming to kill a 20 year old young man. and all of this is alleged. not sure if he really tried to stab the police. but since the police say it then it must be true huh?? how stupid do you sound. and we all know the police are criminals thier self. who's to say they didnt plant the damn gun. I mean there is a witness right in the car , the girl , she can tell what really happen. but no body seems to be worried about the truth. they just running with whatever the police say. Well I say FUCK THE POLICE!!!! JUSTICE FOR OSCAR GRANT & RAHEIM BROWN!!!

    Oh P.S. Fuck you tooo rhood , you are the fucking dirt bag. speaking on shit that you dont even know about. you must be a redneck pig! but its okay justice will be served one way or another. you calling this young man a dirtbag but dont know him. he could have been a great person with an asome personality. but you dont think about that shit you racist fuck!

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    over 3 years ago


    This was a justified shoot, great job by the backing officer. Glad that the dirtbag only pulled out the screwdriver instead of the gun. There is one less dirtbag in the world.

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