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Arizona State University students react to gun bill

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January 22, 2011

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    I have no problem with the law abidding citizens being allowed to carry. The ones that will choose that option in general will not be the ones causeing trouble.

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    over 3 years ago


    I'm all for it. More weapons in the hands of law abiding citizens reduces the chances that armed criminals will be vicitimizing the sheep. My weapons (alertness, verbal persuasion, hands on weapons, and my firearm) protects those I am around. I welcome, lawyers, truck drivers, cashiers, and Joe Law Abiding Citizen to increase a net of security in the community. I have been called out on several occasions for being an off duty cop. So, knowing I project that energy, I am prepared for an off duty confrontation, which, lckily, I haven't had in my 20 years. Stay safe and make it home alive my friends.

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