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Citizens Learn To See From Police Perspective

Citizens Learn To See From Police Perspective

Associated Press

January 08, 2011

AUBURN, Maine (AP) — A central Maine police department is holding a police academy — but it’s not just for men and women in blue.

Instead, the Auburn Police Department’s Citizens’ Police Academy is open to members of the community.

Beginning in February, the 10-week program will provide citizens information on topics such as police patrols, use of force, drunken-driving enforcement, domestic violence, drug enforcement and crime scene investigations.

Participants aren’t trained as police officers, but rather they’re given an overview of how police operate in the department’s ongoing efforts to enhance the public’s understanding of the role and function of the police department.

Police say they’ll conduct a background check on applicants, and that people with felony convictions or extensive criminal backgrounds won’t be accepted.

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    over 3 years ago


    The APCAAA is a non-profit voluntary organization of interested Academy
    graduates who join to promote and improve community relations, provide
    continuing education, increase community involvement, and assist and
    support the Anchorage Police Department. Anchorage Police Citizens Academy Alumni Association

    The following topics are those that are typically covered during the Citizen Police Academy.

    Each class consists of two topics taught by police officers, detectives, or other personnel in their various fields of expertise:

    Cyber Crime, Fraud & Financial Crime, Patrol Procedures, Child Abuse & Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Homicide Investigations & Evidence Collection, DWI, Traffic Investigations, Drug Investigations, Vice Crimes, Gangs in Anchorage, Emergency Preparedness, Firearm Safety, Recruiting & Police Careers, Ride-Along, & Tour of the Anchorage Police Department (includes Dispatch & Crime Lab)

    Upon completion of the Academy, members are honored with a graduation ceremony.
    Alumni members host a reception for family and friends following the ceremony.

    The first Anchorage Police Department's Citizen Academy was started in March 2001. There were 30
    community members representing all walks of life and many diverse cultures. The purpose of the first
    Citizens' Academy was to assist in the promotion of APD's Community Policing Program. Each Wednesday
    for six weeks, the members attended classes on various aspects of police work. The members had fun,
    learned about policing, and spread what they had learned throughout the community.

    The idea for an alumni citizens' academy came about at the request of members of the Anchorage Police
    Department in 2004. Chief Monegan wanted a corps of volunteers to assist the police department
    with various duties. After several meetings, the Anchorage Police Citizens' Alumni Academy
    Association was formed in 2004.
    Graduates of the first Anchorage Police Dept. Citizens' Academy, April 2001

    Anchorage Alaska has a Great Citizens Police academy, I'm Class 06-2 alumni and as of 2009 National police Academy alumni.

    It is a great partnership, alumni volunteer much of thier time to help out with the classes,
    alumni also volunteers alot of time in the academies as actors in training scenerios for the recruits, alumni do many fund raising events among many other things in support of LE.
    Before being chosen to go through the academy you must pass a background check and committ to alll the classes in a 6 week academy, we are aloud two ride alongs as part of our training. "Good times"
    For Law Enforcement to build a bridge with Citizens is OUTSTANDING!
    For Citizens to be advocates for LE instead of people that have no idea why Police do what they do.
    It's all good. Citizens academy is a great experience, and I would invite any good Citizen to join, the more supporters for LE the better.

    Trafficcop28 and BrooklinHillsCop, NO WORRIES the classes only teach what they want the Citizens to know, We do learn some Police Protocol But Officers will tell you if they cannot answer a question do to sensitive material.

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    bump Frank 2.

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    This is not anything new and it's a good program along the lines of community policing....Some agencies are just behind in this concept....

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    over 3 years ago


    I'd have to say I'm concerned about your VIP program if it allows anyone not an LEO to access records and or Law Enforcement Only sensitve information.

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    over 3 years ago


    The sheriff's office in our county has a citizen's academy that covers subjects such as crime scene investigation, patrol, aviation and dive team. I think it's a great idea because most people don't have a clue what goes on!! We have a VIP program ~ Volunteers in Policing where volunteers actually work in records and CIS, parking enforcement, directed patrol and marine patrol; some, but not all, are retired LEOs. Getting the public involved is the key to understanding that officers do more than ride around and give citations.

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    Bump Frank.

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    over 3 years ago


    Citizen academies have been going on for a few years. What an excellent idea for police/citizens relationships.

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    over 3 years ago


    What a great idea, hope that it catches on across the country. I like the caveat about background checks too, awesome!

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    San Antonio has one of these. I personally have not attended, but it does involve the community a lot.

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    It's all good... Provided sensitive information and tactical training are not accessible to these civilians, even with a clean record. Some police training should always be left to Police Officers ONLY.
    The idea of getting the community involved in policing is not new. The NYPD PCT based CPOP have been doing so for a long time.
    If done properly, thumbs up.

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