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Escaped Ex-Con Who Drove Off In Police Cruiser Recaptured

New York Daily News via YellowBrix

November 18, 2010

RIDGEFIELD, CT – The ex-con who pulled a Houdini, speeding away from police while still handcuffed, was arrested Thursday morning at a Connecticut hotel, police said.

This time, police said, Jose Rodriguez, 27, was taken into custody without incident when a slew of officers from the NYPD, Connecticut cops and members of a federal task force rolled up on a hotel in Uncasville, near the Mohegan Sun casino, at about 3:15 a.m.

Hours earlier, Rodriguez was arrested at a Holiday Inn in Fort Lee, N.J. Cops wanted to question him in the shooting of a man in the Bronx on Nov. 1.

A dozen or so cops at the initial scene – about 1:15 p.m. Wednesday – included three NYPD officers assigned to a regional fugitive task force.

But Rodriguez, rear-cuffed and his ankles shackled, took advantage of sloppy police work and gave authorities the slip.


Jose Rodriguez

First he maneuvered his cuffed hands under his legs and slid into the front seat of the still-running unmarked police car in which he was being held.

Then he drove off, setting in motion a manhunt that stretched into Thursday morning.

Police found the car in Ridgefield, about 5 miles away. Inside were the leg shackles that Rodriguez got out of by using the handcuff key on the set of keys in the car.

Authorities flooded at least three leafy towns, including Palisades Park, Fort Lee and Ridgefield. They used a helicopter, cops on foot and even police dogs to search backyards. Some residents came home to worried warnings on their answering machines.

Rodriguez was nabbed early Thursday because of some sloppy work of his own – cops tracked his cell phone calls, a police source said.

Rodriguez has at least seven prior arrests, including possession of marijuana and robbery. Police said he also was wanted on a parole violation stemming from a drug-sale conviction.

A second police source said he was with an unidentified woman at the time of his escape. She was in custody after his daring dash, but wasn’t immediately charged with a crime.

  • In_remembrance_of_oakland_pd_max50_max50_max50_max50_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    He was recaptured, no one was hurt and the officers will have some lessons learned.

  • Anonymous-killer-whale-232189_1__max50


    almost 4 years ago


    Someone has a lot of explaining to do, I'll bet. Just glad no one was hurt as a result of the escape.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 4 years ago

    haha double cuff him

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 4 years ago

  • John_groh_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    But Sarge, it was like this ! I would have hated to be that Officer. He will never live that one down. He is lucky no one was injured or killed by this guy.

  • Pic_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    They failed to mention the Taurus 9MM that was left in the back seat by this kid. Along with officers safety this is another reason all prisoners should be in cage cars

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 4 years ago


    Unfortuntely my agnecy doesn't have cage cars, everytime I place a prisoner in my car, I ALWAYS turn the car off!!! Atleast if he get's away on foot I don't need to worry about him fleeing with my cruiser!!!

  • Pl_avatar_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    You - just - cannot - relax around these guys, shackled or not. Glad this idiot is back in custody. Double-glad I'm not the guy whose car he was in.

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