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Escaped 300-Pound Chimp Attacks Police Cruiser

Escaped 300-Pound Chimp Attacks Police Cruiser

YouTube Video Capture

Kansas City Star via YellowBrix

October 20, 2010

Tiffanie Jennings had called her cousin, Tonya Jennings, for help. When Tonya arrived, Sueko opened the passenger door to her sport utility vehicle. Jennings ran to an animal control truck that had just arrived.

Soon thereafter, Archigo arrived, witnesses said.

“How’d all this happen?” he reportedly asked.

The Haley sisters said he seemed angry that neighbors had called police.

“But we were scared to death,” Amber Haley said.

Kansas City police dispatchers weren’t sure if the calls about a loose chimp were a joke, but Sgt. John Blomquist immediately knew it was true.

He had responded to a call of a “suspicious party in a van” about seven years ago in the same area. As it turned out, Sueko was in the van alone, rocking it back and forth.

“I’ll be responding,” Blomquist announced over the radio. “And be advised, I do have a banana.”

When Blomquist got to the scene, he told the animal control officer to get in his patrol car so they could get closer for a tranquilizer shot.

But once Sueko saw the tranquilizer gun, she charged the police car. She pushed a trash can against its front bumper, climbed on the car’s hood, pounded the roof and kicked the windshield, breaking it.

“I didn’t expect it to go down like that,” Blomquist said.

When Sueko ran into a back yard, officers followed with their rifles, prepared to shoot if the ape approached anyone. The animal control officer hit Sueko with one tranquilizer dart but missed a second shot after the chimp climbed a tree.

Sueko later walked into her owner’s van.

Archigo told police he was an over-the-road trucker and that Sueko rode with him and his girlfriend.

City officials have repeatedly warned Archigo not to bring Sueko into the city. Archigo was cited in 2000 after complaints that Sueko injured a teenage girl by lifting her by the ankles and tossing her to the ground. The chimp also allegedly bit another girl.

At the time, animal rights advocates said such behavior is to be expected when chimps are allowed to mix with humans. The animals are not suited to be pets because they want to be dominant.

Kansas City animal control officials briefly confiscated the chimp in 1995, when Archigo was living in Kansas City, after investigating reports that Sueko had bitten humans.

City ordinances do not allow residents to keep primates within city limits. But when Archigo threatened to sue the city, officials returned the animal to him on the condition that he keep her outside the city.

Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders remembers prosecuting the case against Archigo for tossing the young girl to the ground. Archigo was supposed to give up the ape.

“These type of situations have to be handled very seriously,” Sanders said Tuesday. “Chimps are considered as dangerous as lions or tigers if they escape from a zoo, but because of our image of baby chimps, we don’t always think of it that way. … They’re incredibly strong.”

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 4 years ago


    Yes I really understand when people say that this was funny. It really was, but what we as people must remember is the monkey is WILD, not a pet. It didn't know that she counldn't go ape (Sorry no pun intended). Yes these animals are very beautiful but they are still animals, not pets. If someone wants a pet then please go to your local animal selter and take one of them home, not only will you have a very loyal pet but you will be helping the selter and the animal also. Plus no matter if its a cat or dog you will also be making your on life just a little bit richer. I also ask the question, where was animal control at? But just for a laugh, can you imagine what the cop that responed to the call thought when they pulled up and the monkey came at the car. Talk about a wake up call, man now that would be kinda scary. God Bless all of our police, soliders and may he keep them safe each day. God Bless

  • Car6_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    glad to hear no one was hurt, hopefully they can get this animal somewhere it belongs...

  • Dscn0026_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    I don't know what compels people to own animals like this. Like big snakes, lions, tigers, bears, chimps, etc. Then they wonder why the animal ends up going berserk and ends up killing or maiming people! Stupid people just need to leave these animals in the wild or in the zoo.

  • Rcmp_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    Would somebody explain to me please why no conservation or animal control officers responded to the call?

    I think its pretty funny, but should have been prevented, i had a run in with the man who kept lions at his house, and his girlfriend was killed. Creatures like this should not be kept within cities, unless its a Zoo!
    if your intrested more about this lion deal, look up Kim Carlton, he's the guy.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 4 years ago


    Although the incident may seem humorous, there was a similar incident in Stamford CT where a similarly stupid chimp owner kept a 300 pound animal that attacked and nearly killed a family friend. The woman's face was literally ripped off, she was blinded and her hands were disfigured. An arriving officer shot and killed the animal as it attacked his patrol car when he arrived. There have been numerous lawsuits implicating the City of Stamford since authorities were aware of her keeping this vicious animal. Kansas City officials should take heed and get the animal where it properly belongs or they could end up paying out a lot of money to someone after they are mauled.

  • Profile1_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    Only a complete douche would subject thier neighbors and the community to the dangers by keeping a chimp.
    Not to mention the guy makes a habit of locking it in a van - that is cruel.

    If my neighbor had a chimp and it escaped I would take the opportunity to kill it, make sure it NEVER happened again.

    I know that is an awful thing to say but I am protective of my children, really all children and I do believe I would muster the cohonies to put a bullet between it's eyes. A chimp in a human populated community is a horrible accident waiting to happen.

    This douche had already proven he can't control it, fights to get it back when it is removed and on top of that he mistreats it.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 4 years ago


    Chimps are extremely dangerous. If you're attacked by one you might as well be facing a lion. They're extremely strong and their attacks are vicious and brutal. They knowingly attack the face, neck, and genitals of males, and the face, neck, and breasts of females. Tearing them off with relative ease.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 4 years ago


    lucky ape didnt get shot

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 4 years ago


    glad no one was injured. these apes should NEVER be kept as pets. highly intelligent animals - obviously - chained by the neck? I call it animal abuse. outlaw keeping them as pets and these problems won't develop. Get a cat or a dog, man. this is b.s. potentially dangerous, inappropriate and unnatural for the animal = cruel.

  • Idf_soldier_and_kittyimage2_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    .40 cal. double-tap center body mass. End of threat.

  • On_the_boat_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    Don't monkey with another man's monkey!

    Can you say 'Face/Off'?

  • N20908355_36779192_4959_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    The officer should have shot and killed the damn thing.

  • Stmaarten2_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    hahahaha it flipped everyone off. if i was a monkey about to get tranquilized id give everyone the finger too...maybe even throw some feces

  • Hernandez_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    People who own these wild animals just drive me BANANAS!!!

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 4 years ago


    It isn't funny at all, chimps have mauled and killed people. Also she was found with a rope around her neck and dragging a chain - sounds like animal abuse to me. I hope she finds a good home with other chimps she can interact with. Whats wrong with these people that can't just have a pet like a dog or cat.. Idiots :(

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