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The Bounty on Sheriff Joe

The Bounty on Sheriff Joe

PHOENIX - JULY 29: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks to the media in front of his county jail on July 29, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona, the day Arizona's immigration enforcement law SB 1070 went into effect. AP

The Chattanoogan Press via YellowBrix

August 05, 2010

Note: The Following is an Opinion Column

For several years one of my biggest heroes has been ‘Sheriff Joe,” the colorful Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County. If ever there was a face for Arizona’s fearless fight against illegal immigrants it is the Massachusetts-born lawman whose no-nonsense approach towards crime in Phoenix has enthralled millions just like me.

Now comes word a Mexican drug cartel has put out a $1 million bounty on the iron-fisted sheriff. That’s right; last week a Mexican drug lord from the Juarez cartel, incensed by the way Sheriff Joe’s posses are fouling up the illegal drugs his “mules” are sneaking through the desert, sent word he’d pay $1 million (in U.S. dollars, not pesos) to anyone who would bring him Joe Arpaio’s head.

“Just a million?” the 78-year-old sheriff reportedly harrumphed, “The last time I had a hit put out on me it was for $5 million. The economy must be bad down in Mexico,” he added before calmly going about this business. "I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. It doesn’t matter to me.”

As the Obama administration continues the tangle with Arizona over the state’s proposed – and wildly popular – efforts to crack down on illegal immigrants who are flooding the country, “Sheriff Joe” continues to dole out justice his own way. When a frantic court ruling delayed Arizona from enacting its new legislation on Aug. 1, Joe’s posse did a legal sweep that first morning and caught 70 who are not American citizens.

And in the midst of the national legal wrangling and the state of California “banning” all Arizona products (except for traffic cameras), the Department of Justice is now threatening to sue “The Toughest Sheriff In America,” saying he isn’t cooperating with its investigation into alleged human rights violations.

“Sheriff Joe” is taking that in stride, too. He has just appeared in a news tape, telling a reporter he’s put up more tents where he now keeps 2,000 prisoners, and will “happily accommodate” any illegal immigrants he can catch.

“I have plenty of room for any cop that wants to arrest people," he said, but the tape’s most delicious segment comes at the end of Monday’s interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell where he says he would be happy to discuss immigration with President Obama.

“Why doesn’t he call me to the White House and we’ll have a little wine like he called the Cambridge police sergeant that arrested the professor,” Arpaio said. “I’ll be glad to talk and give him some advice of my 30-years in the federal government, but he won’t call me, he’s had the Justice Department investigating me.”

Oh, I love the guy who makes his prisoners wear pink boxer shorts. He has recently cut the taxpayer’s food costs by another $20,000 a year because he refuses to serve salt and pepper. His deputies even carry pink handcuffs and they march criminals to the courthouse and back!

Several years ago “Sheriff Joe” quit serving criminals coffee (“It has no nutritional value”) and his chain gangs, which clean up litter, paint over graffiti and bury the county’s indigents, now include females and juvenile law-breakers. “If you don’t like it here, don’t come back after you get out!”

The New York Times had a sobering story several weeks ago, saying this summer’s savage heat has now killed over 750 Mexicans who are illegally trying to slip across the desert border. The Maricopa County morgue is overflowing the heat is so bad.

But when human-rights activists whine that Joe Arpaio is inhumane, he snarls back, “Tell that to our solders in Iraq who are wearing full body armor in the same kind of weather!”

The same activists, you’ll remember, used a federal law that made “Sheriff Joe” return televisions to the prison population. Joe Arpaio complied, but he had the TVs altered where they would only show the G-rated movies and the Weather Channel. “Why the Weather Channel? I want ‘em to know how hot it’s going to be … this ain’t the Hilton!”

Oh, if only our nation would elect more like him in the weeks ahead.

  • New-deputy-4c_story_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Swatness, I think you misunderstand whats going on in AZ. To say you have a better take on the illegal immgrant situation because they are settled in where you are is at best a mistake on your part. The AZ immigration law does not actually change the way most of us AZ LEO's do things, it makes it illegal for a city to say we can't check a person's immgration status, everything else is what most of us have been doing all along. Before you pass judgement on those who work on the border why don't you come down and visit the border, and not the section of Nogales that is always shown on TV with the high fence. Go to Organ Pipe Cactus National Park and look at the single strand barb wire thats cut in most places. Go to the border out by sasabee, AZ and ask the ranchers if you cann look over their property, look for the tons of garbage and old clothing left behind by the illegal immigrants. Ask about the drug smugglers that come though their property that are armed like and infantry squad and will shoot first when confronted. Yes there are hard working immigrants here but we're not really focusing just on them and even if we were how is that wrong? They did after all enter the country illegally.

    I'm sorry for ranting, I'm just tired of people that live two or three states removed from the border saying they know what it's like here when they haven't been here.

  • Memorialbadge_max50


    about 4 years ago


    I think everyone is missing the big picture on this one. This great county was built on the backs, sweat, tears and everything else they did by immigrants. Well actually it was stolen from the indians but that is another topic. The issue is not immigration, it is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Those same people and come here and pay taxes just like everyone else if they would do it LEGALLY!...

    They come here, work hard and send all their money back to mexico where they can feed a family of six on about $400.00 a month. Ever been to an illegals house... they will have 10 or 12 people living in a 3 bedroom house, sleeping in shifts to save money. They work 4 or 5 years and build up a bunch of money and then go back home. Meanwhile the hospital is treating them for free, they use our infrastructure without paying taxes. The employer is not paying taxes. They never have auto insurance or a dl for that matter so if they crash into you... guess what !

    The issues people are screaming about are that there are legal mexicans in the united states. These people are affraid they will be targeted and profiled by this new law. We have had this ability all along. If I make contact with someone I always ask to see their identification. They dont have it, I take it to the next step. The courts have already upheld that a LEO has the authority to identify anyone they make contact with.

  • Vpsomourningband_max50


    about 4 years ago


    I may have it figured out - Swatness123 is an illegal alien. That's an interesting take you have on things. You speak of common sense, but have none. I pay taxes, they don't, but reap all the benefits: welfare, WIC, food stamps and want to go for the gold and be able to draw social security retirement. You need to re-think your US citizenship... if you are a citizen of the good old US of A. If you are a card carrying dyed in the blue LEO you sure are in the wrong career. The first clue for you is ILLEGAL in the term illegal alien. Do you not uphold laws? Then get off your soap box because it is not withstanding the weight of your disloyalty. You have no honor, your loyalties do not lie where they should and if you need a clue on that one it should be with the citizens of this country.
    I agree with kuhnkejer and many others who have stated the same things - we all hail from an immigrant. Big difference is that our family learned english, the laws and immersed their family in the American life/ways. Bottom lining it: They became an American citizen and were proud to be such.
    I am tired of pressing 1 for English.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago

    I appreciate the kind words kuhnkejer

  • Pl28_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Swatness123, First I would like to say thank you for serving OUR country. Some of what you say is true and some of what other say is true. I've served OUR country in a time of war and I've seen an illegal serve and die next to me for this country. The Army gave his family a flag but never stated he was a citizen. Our captain said during his speech/ funeral, but forgot to tell the batt. that he declined my buddy's paperwork two times because he was lazy. For this reason I believe ever human has the right to cross a line drawn by man(Women) not god to provide for himself/herself and his/her family. I know and I believe every hard working cop out here would do what ever it took to make sure his/her family lived a good life.

    BUT because we live in an area that has set up rules and a way of life(E.I. English as a languages) people need to respect the way of it's people. And to say they don't strain the economy is crazy.First i would like to point out some facts about the recovery act of American (Obama's dream) well that money was taken from other parts of the USA budget. It came form the civil support part. No longer are large and small police/fire departments receiving money for civil service. The USA military has not received a pay increase this year. (First time in nine years) even though their base pay is lower then their civilian counter parts. This money has been given to the States for needed improvements. It's sound great on paper the problem is this.
    State governments award these contracts to the lowest bidder. So sub contractor hire illegals to do the work to keep the bid down. The money that Obama stated would go to the people hasn't it has gone to illegals who send the money home and don't pay taxes on their pay. Its not fair that OUR tax dollars is given to them. they cost the state i live in more then what they bring into the state. Any person who know how to add knows this will crush any system.

    They are humans and need to be treated as such but we have laws in place for a reason. They come here they should learn the laws and obey them and learn to speck English so they can teach their kids and family.

  • Photo_user_banned_big


    about 4 years ago


    Well I am member here because it is a free country and I can. I have the right because I am an over 20 year retired military vetera. I'm a 20 year still working cop working in a black and white every day of my career. Ive been severely injured in the line of duty both military and civilian cop work. I speak two languages and I translate for non spanish speaking officers every day. I too deal with illegals on a daily basis I have earned the right to voice my opinion anywhere I want in this great nation.

    But hey thanks for checking Suzanne............ Buddy!

    Sean Jon I.m on the front lines too. The difference is You get them just as they cross the border. I deal with them in my city where they have settled by the thousands, their families are ingrained in society, their children are going to school and their parents are working hard to support the family here and in Mexico. So I believe I have a better take on it than you. But thats just my opinon.

    And yeah its fact that if you have a large segment of any population working it stimulates the economy. Remember stimulous money. Well the immigrants have been spending "Stimulous" money for decades, Because a large majority of them pay in cash. Whethr you like it or not its just good ol economics 101, When the population, immigrants ot otherwise are out spending their hard earned cash and paying rent to landlords and utilizing the support industry in the communities they live, thats good for the community. You would have to be a moron to think otherwise as that is just common sense.

    No study involved just common sense.

    And news peices aside, I dont know where you get you information, But I get intel reports and information from all over just like any other cop that wants to pay attention, maybe even just like you SJ. But you probably have a magic phone line from the "Only true information desseminated to People" source,

    I guess you are arrogant enough to believe that no one else can have the correct information.

    Same way with my math, professor. Depending on your source there are up to 20 million immigrants in this country...And like any other large group most of them are decent hardworking people. I deal them everyday.
    bro so I dont believe you are any wiser than me. But SJ you probably are the only one that knows the real and actual number of immigrants in the US.

    i cant enforce immigration law because it against department policy. Like most jurisdictions that is the case.
    people like to call people that disagree "bleeding hearts". I am no bleeding heart. I am a a street cop. Just like the street cops that are suing Arizona over the immigration law.

    Just because I disagree with your position doesn't make me the names you call me. Again Americans recruit these people by the millions and say what you want, they wouldnt be here if the majority of Americans truly did not want them here.

  • Draped_badge_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Whay don't they just declare open season and head everyone to the boarder with a gun and snipe them as they cross....Couple weeks of that will slow the flow.......Be careful out there SeanJon

  • 45089_396847393722850_1055776862_n_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Bump SeanJon's comments. I don't care much for what swatness says. Don't even know why you are a member here buddy!

  • Photo_user_banned_big


    about 4 years ago

    250 Comments haven't got a clue about what you are talking about. I deal with illegals everyday. I doubt you can say the same. Read all the crap you want about this study or that. I'm on the front lines buddy boy.

    Are American employers of illegals to blame? Absolutely. We should be knocking down their doors. But stating that they are good for economy? That's just plain idiotic. The cost a single illegal alien places on the system far, and I mean far outweighs the benefit of the work he or she is providing.

    Welfare fraud. Tax fraud. Insurance fraud. Identity theft. Conspiracy. They are just the tip of the iceberg. All of those crimes directly stem simply from the illegal alien's mere presence within the US. If you are actually a LEO, you might recall that we are supposed to arrest people for committing crime. Get with the program.

    I'm not even getting into the known violent offenders among the illegal population or the ones that are engaged in drug and human smuggling activities, sex trafficing, gang activity, etc.

    And you can knock off using the race card. Who cares where they come from. Certain people out there make this a Hispanic issue. It isn't. In addition to people of Hispanic origin, just this year alone I've encountered Romanians, Chinese, Russians, Canadians, Jamaicans, Iraqis, Iranians, an Egyptian, Malaysians, illegals from 4 African nations, and probably people from another half dozen or so countries. All of those folks are right here in a little corner on the southwest border. The Mexicans aren't the only ones that are here.

    Your math is also off. No one said the 12 million illegals are all employed. How many Americans does it take to support them? A lot. But not millons...well, millions if you count the American taxpayer. Do you know we have classrooms in Tucson that are 85% filled with illegals?

    So keep reading your "news pieces" all you want. Yeah, I heard a news piece about the President saying the economy is getting way better...if you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn up for sale...

    Maybe your bleeding heart propaganda works at your local coffee shop. But it won't fly here. Your "opinion" is based on a few things you've read in this article or that. I can tell you about facts. Facts that I gather firsthand.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago

    @swatness123 I agree with some portion of what you have to say. Mostly greed stimulated this problem with Americans of whom own their own businesses and such. Contractors (for example) choose to hire illegals because they do work for less AND they need to be responsible for their own taxes etc. etc. Why would a business owner hire a citizen that they have to worry about covering benefits, workmans comp, FICA, SSI, State Tax withholdings , etc. when they can hire an illegal, pay less in wages, and just brush all the other jargon under the rug..? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out... Why would American roofers show up for hiring when the contractor that gets the bid for the project knows good and well that he will hire mostly illegals anyway! Citizens interview and never even so much as get a call back for the most part. I know. I work with a charity organization and get all the stories day in and day out. I see what's going on! So in essence, you are correct that Americans brought them here but wrong in the sense that you feel the Majority of them want them here. The majority of Americans are not well off. The wealthy hire them because it stands to make them wealthier and the economy suffers because it drives the wages right down therefore money is not being put back into the system because people don't have the jobs to support the cycle. The rich will get richer and hold on to their wealth and the middle class will dwindle away to be amongst the lower income. This is slowly to the demise of this economy and I do not believe it will EVER thrive as long as this cycle continues. Look at their countries. Does that situation not speak for itself? Americans desire to have a hire wage and benifits because it is what keeps our economy strong! Illegals work for less, learn the trades, and go into business for themselves, hiring only more illegals and working under the table. Alot of them use state benifits while lying about their income. Yes, it is true Americans support this practice because they choose to hire them for cheaper labor. It is ultimately greed that supports these practices and I as an American do not agree with it. It has put a burden on society and will continue to do so along with all of the other issues immigration brings to the table. I believe the majority of Americans of ALL races agree with me. Again it is about the laws that were put in place by our forefathers that are being torn away and misused to the benifit of the selfish... I am not against anyone staying so long as they go through the proper channels to gain citizenship and we ALL adhere to the laws of our land. We know that isn't happening...

  • 45089_396847393722850_1055776862_n_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Sheriff Joe IS a hero!

  • Photo_user_banned_big


    about 4 years ago


    Sorry but Illegals do not take jobs from americans and they do not strain the economy. These are myths

    Economic studies show that immigrant workers actually increase productivity and the wages of the american workers. Anytime you have an area where there are lots of workers employed. This stimulates the economy. This creates jobs and increases wages....this is good for economy. This what immigrants have been doing since the beginning of our country making it the greatest and most prosperous in the world.

    A recent news piece showed an ad placed in our local paper. It said they were hiring 50 roofers after a recent bad hail storm as there would be a lot of roof work to be done in the area. Mind you it is the middle of summer and very hot.

    Guess who mostly showed up. You can imagine. Out of 300 people that showed up 95 % were hispanic. Very few others even bothered to show up. Immigrants are not taking the jobs. Americans dont want them for the most part. Thats why the U.S has been recruiting them, hiring them and paying them for years and years. I will say it again. If the U.S. would take down the "Help Wanted sign down at the border, the immigrants would not come.

    Lets use common sense. If the 12 million immigrants came here and absolutely no one would hire them then the 12 million immigrants would have to go back to where they came from. So it stands to reason that the immigrants are here, thriving no less because Americans make it possible. So, That must mean that a hell of a lot of Americans want them here.

    How many Americans does it take to hire, pay and support 12 million immigrants? Millions I'm betting.
    So again common sense says that a large segment of our society want the immigrants here and that will never change.

    If Americans truly did not want the immigrants here, They would dry up every reason for them to be here. They would not offer them even one job much less millions. They would not be catered by support industries to sell them food and other basic necessities. But Americans will nevr ever do that. because they know that when you have a lot of people working, immigrants or not, the economy is stimulated, business is good and prosperity ensues.

    Thats why America will never get rid of the immigrants.

    Taking jobs from Americans is a myth. Americans for the most part do not want to work cheaply in the construction and service industries.

    They want to have high paying jobs and lots of benefits. Look at GM their workers priced themselves right out most of their company with workers making 75 bucks an hour and free health and legal benefits. Look what it cost them though. They had to shut down a large portion of their company costing thousands of jobs. A lot of Americans will not work cheaply. So it is not immigrants that cost jobs . They in fact stimulate the economy.

    But that is just my opinion in a forum full of opinions.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago

    @swatness123 Just the very fact that you have named them by their field of work alone just goes to show how illegals have taken over many jobs that American citizens should have precedence over whether it is high paying or not. That alone is tearing up our country. Illegals have brought our labor force to it's knees and put many citizens out of work. And as far as "HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS" go, that is a joke! You obviously have not been directly affected by an illegal criminal that walks free such as my family and many others in my community including other hispanic citizens. Our human rights continue to violated by illegal criminals over and over. Go Sheriff Joe!

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago

    im sure that is real, arpaio hasnt arrested a drug dealer yet

  • Fallenherobadge-3-1_max50_max50


    about 4 years ago


    This is the second article I have read about a Mexican Drug Cartel making threats to AMERICANS!!!!! IS THIS OR IS THIS NOT TERROISM???? My question is simple. Why hasn't the Goverment taken steps in protecting the AMERICAN CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA???? Now that is an answer I would love to hear the POTUS give.

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