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Police: EMT's Killing Not Linked to His Refusal to Aid Dying Woman

Police: EMT's Killing Not Linked to His Refusal to Aid Dying Woman

New York Daily News via YellowBrix

July 19, 2010

NEW YORK CITY – An FDNY emergency medical technician accused of ignoring a dying pregnant woman while on his break last year was shot to death early Sunday near a tony SoHo nightclub, police said.

A gunman hopped out of a car and pumped two bullets into Jason Green, 32, moments after he and a pal were turned away by a bouncer at Greenhouse, police sources said.

Police brass said there was no indication Green’s slaying – which came after a street brawl – was tied to his callous refusal to help Eutisha Rennix as she lay gasping for air on the floor of an Au Bon Pain near FDNY headquarters in December.

He and fellow EMT and girlfriend Melisa Jackson were being probed by the Brooklyn DA for ignoring pleas from Rennix’s co-workers inside the downtown Brooklyn eatery.

Green’s killing sparked rampant speculation within FDNY ranks that it was payback – and cops briefly sent a squad car to Jackson’s family home in Queens.

Green and a pal got into a fight with another man – or group of men – after Greenhouse refused them entry.

All hell broke loose near Vandam and Hudson Sts.

“Two guys were fighting on the corner, loudly, and the guy who got shot kicked one guy in the face,” a witness said.


Jason Green

“The fight moved down the street and more people joined in. Then there were two gunshots and it was over.”

Investigators believe the gunman who fired twice into Green’s torso was not the same person in the sidewalk throwdown, police said. There were no arrests.

Green was declared dead shortly after he arrived at New York Downtown Hospital. He was off duty at the time. His friend was not injured.

Green and Jackson, 23, were hit with a one-month, unpaid suspension for abandoning Rennix, 25, despite pleas from her co-workers at the shop inside the Metrotech complex.

The pair instead allegedly advised that someone call 911.

The Rennix family said it was shocked to hear that Green had been gunned down.

“Oh, my God! I’m so sorry. That’s horrible,” said Eutisha Rennix’s sister, Marva Rennix, 40.

But she didn’t discount that he may have been done in by bad karma.

“I don’t think anybody deserves to die, even though they do wrong things,” she said. “[But] sometimes when you do wrong things, it comes back to you.”

Eutisha Rennix, the mother of a 3-year-old son, was six-months’ pregnant when she is believed to have suffered a fatal asthma attack that tragic Dec. 9. She later died at Long Island College Hospital, but not before her unborn child was delivered. The baby died two hours later.

Green and Jackson admitted in a published interview they did not tend to Rennix but said they lacked the proper medical equipment to do so.

Jackson said in that report that she used her cell phone to call an EMS dispatcher.

The first ambulance did not arrive on-scene until 11 minutes later – and by that point Green and Jackson were long gone.

The FDNY suspended them both for a month for neglect of duty. They were then reassigned to nonemergency work. The Brooklyn DA and the Department of Investigation are still probing the incident, but no criminal charges have been filed.

Green, who joined the FDNY in 2003, had scoffed at the accusation he ignored the stricken Rennix. “That is all bogus and lies and fabrications,” Green told a reporter.

Rennix’s family never forgave him or Jackson.

Eutisha Rennix’s twin brother, Eudane Rennix, a soldier who was set Sunday to return to service in the Middle East, had previously criticized Green and Jackson in a published report.

“If they just would have helped, did something, there’s a possibility she’d be alive today,” said the furious brother, who recently got a tattoo of his late sister, the family said.

NYPD sources said they were planning to question Eudane Rennix, who declined to speak to reporters outside the family’s Brooklyn home Sunday night. He is not considered a suspect, police officials said.

Police sources said there is so far nothing to suggest the killing is tied to Rennix’s tragic death.

“There is no indication that is the case,” added Paul Browne, the NYPD’s top spokesman.

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