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Three Officers Shot in Apparent Ambush

Three Officers Shot in Apparent Ambush

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May 11, 2010

ROSWELL, N.M. —A man accused of wounding three Roswell police officers and killing two other people had been released from jail less than two hours before the early Monday shooting spree, a detention center official said.

Chaves County Detention Center administrator Alfonso Solis said David Vega, 47, was arrested for a petty misdemeanor involving a domestic dispute shortly after 11 p.m. Sunday. Vega paid a $300 bond and was released around 12:30 a.m. Monday.

At about 2 a.m., officers responded to a domestic call at the same house and Vega opened fire on them as he came out of the home.

“It appears that he had planned some sort of ambush,” police spokesman Travis Holley said.

Vega was hit when the officers returned fire, and he was flown to University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque. His condition was not released.

State police have him in custody at the hospital, Holley said.

The officers’ wounds were “somewhat superficial” and all three are expected to make a full recovery, Holley said. Two were treated at a Roswell hospital and released, while the third remained at the hospital.

When police entered the home after the shooting, they found two dead adults. The victims were not immediately identified, but Holley said it appeared they were related to Vega.

“This investigation is very, very fresh,” Holley said. “We’re withholding all the names involved because it does appear to be a family situation.”

  • Family_fun_078_max50


    about 4 years ago


    I totally agree with wolfgirljess.

  • Car6_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Speedy and full recovery for the officers. I would be okay with the death sentence for this guy.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago


    They need to have a psychologist analyze all new inmates at any jail BEFORE they allow any sort of bail. Too many timse a petty misdemeanor release has turned bad for the police and the public.

    Put them all in a camp and let them at each other, then all we have to do is execute the remaining criminal.

  • Iii_max50


    about 4 years ago


    I would say that this guy would definatly be a canidate for death row, but the good governer of the state stay " I do not have confidence in the criminal justice system as it currently operates to be the final arbiter when it comes to who lives and who dies for their crime". So I guess the tax payers of the state will be foting the bill for this guy.

  • Scannedimage_sq90_max50


    about 4 years ago


    I can't see a murder getting bond that quick,they keep releasing the dangerous on us. Hope he gets the max!

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago

    Speedy return brothers

  • Dscn0118_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Justice has a way of finding the guilty. If only it would have found Mr. Vega sooner.

  • Pug_max600_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Mr. Vega was no stranger to police. He killed his son and his son's girlfriend, Christopher Lee Vega, 25, and Alisa Montgomery, 31, inside the home in the southeastern New Mexico city. The officers were indeed fortunate they were not seriously injured, as Mr. Vega came out of the house firing his weapon. It is very possible that he would have killed more people if given the opportunity. May Mr. Vega receive his just reward for his horrendous crimes.

  • Angel_kincaid_park_2014_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Sounds like justice was not served here, Sorry for the family members that paid the price.
    Hope the POS takes a dirt nap. Don't waste my tax money on him.

    Glad the Officers will recover, GODSPEED ON YOUR FULL RECOVERY LEO'S

    Lord protect our Warriors from harm, Lord allow them to work for you and protect your sheep, guide them through the darkness each night and take them home safely to their famalies, In this we ask in Jesus name AMEN.....

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago


    My prayers and thoughts go out to those brave police officers, I thank God not one of them was seriously injured or killed. I have a great respect for police officers because they have came to my rescue, and the rescue of countless other people as well.. Those police officers deserve to be commended for for the dangers they face on the job.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago


    get well soon Officers, Go to Hell low life

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago

    Get well soon to the officers.............hope Vegas injuries are serious.

  • 100_1019_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Hopefully the suspect will die from his injuries. Get well soon Officer's!!!

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago


    Farrell, though i am 100% in agreement with you and on your side, from the criminals point of view, that makes the polcie their number one target. I took a course on Criminology in college and it talked about the hatred of police officers stemming from the criminals beliefe that we should mind our own business. Their hatred is based on them thinking police officers think theyre better than them because even though they dont know the criminals, they have every power to control them, and historically, humans dont like it when people have control over them.

    This is unfortunate and i pray to god to protect our brothers from any further ambushes and to keep them safe every day and to help them return home every day to their families. Amen

  • Asafari_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Domestic's are a different breed. Very passionate in terms of whatever the case my be. I make it a rule not to get involved between that situation if I can help it! Your victims and suspects are a lot times emotionally delirious. Not to mention, moody and unpredictable.

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