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Chicago Calls For More LE Officers Instead of National Guard

Chicago Sun Times via YellowBrix

April 27, 2010

CHICAGO – In Chicago we’ve got state reps calling for the Illinois National Guard to patrol the streets, while in Arizona the governor signs a bill that would give police the right to stop anyone who even looks like he might be an illegal immigrant.

God Bless America.

No one is denying that the violence in Chicago is obscene and unacceptable — but flooding the streets with National Guardsmen could make a bad situation even worse.

What happens if shots ring out, and a National Guard member opens fire and accidentally kills an innocent bystander? Or God forbid, we end up having a funeral for a National Guard member who comes home from a tour in Afghanistan, only to be gunned down on the streets of Chicago?

How does the National Guard member work side by side with the Chicago cop? Who’s in charge?

More cops. We need more cops. I know: Who’s going to pay for ‘em? Well, who’s going to pay for National Guard units to come here, work here, live here?

There are police officers riding alone in patrol cars — a dangerous situation.

More cops. No National Guard.

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