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    Border Patrol Plans to Pave Nature Trail Causing Backlash

    The U.S. BOrder Patrol's plan to pave over the Paseo Del Indio Trail at Laredo Community College has sparked a fighting from local environmentalists. Other Top News: Chief Speaks Out Against Paid Gym Time for Officers FBI Broke Law For Years in Phone Record Searches Man Dies After Tussling With County Police, Taser Used Video: Ohio cop who survived quake in ...
    Published about 9 years ago | Rated -1
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    Nearly 1000 Drug Cases Not Analyzed; LA Sheriff Says Cutbacks are to Blame

    LOS ANGELES - Sheriff Lee Baca says budget cuts have significantly slowed his agency’s analysis of narcotics evidence. The average backlog in 2009, before the cuts, was 256 cases. That number has more than tripled, according to the department, swelling to 920 unanalyzed cases. Baca recently cut overtime expenses in an effort to compensate for a $128-million budget cut. News of ...
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    Police: Shocking In-Home Abuse of 91 Year Old Caught on Tape

    Police: Shocking In-Home Abuse of 91 Year Old Caught on Tape
    JERSEY CITY - Authorities in Jersey City have arrested a home healthcare worker and charged her with abusing an elderly patient. The arrest came after the family of the elderly woman suspected something was wrong after finding bruises on her. They recorded video of the alleged abuse captured via a webcam and Skype. A family member said it was "heartbreaking" to ...
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The Fastest 2x2x2 Drill on the Planet

Well, it might not be…but it sure is one of the fastest bits of shooting I’ve ever seen. [gate] I ran across this video this weekend to pick up some tips on shooting drills and was blown away at how fast Kyle Lamb can push lead through these targets. Kit Up! readers might remember my attempt at this drill last year at ITI and it was pathetic (especially since my boss beat me as well). But Lamb has the money quote in this one where he says “taking out three dudes in ... Full Story

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