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Arlington, TX
Federal Officer / Agent


golf, skiing, motorcycling

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March 16
xmotorjoc commented on: "2012 Police Interceptor Unveiled by Ford".

"30 years ago me and a buddy talked about building a purpose built patrol car like the Checker Co. did for the taxi cars. The Carbon shows some prom..."

February 10
xmotorjoc commented on: "Retired Officer Charged with Impersonation".

"No good deed goes unpunished. Thats why my neighboes know not to bother me now that I'm retired."

xmotorjoc commented on: "16 Illegals Sue Rancher After Crossing His Land".

"If they were turned over to the Border Patrol, how did they get back into this country to bring a lawsuit? I know... Probably with the help of the ..."

November 05
xmotorjoc reviewed the product: "2007 Crown Victoria".

"These were some of the worst cars I ever drove. Yes its big on the outside but when you put in all the equipment the interior becomes very small. I..."

August 26
xmotorjoc commented on the article "Cop Disciplined Over Traffic Stop Involving Dying Dog".

"After 32 years on the job I am amazed by this. When did animals become more important than people. How many people did this guy put in danger by hi..."

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