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Can I Be a Cop If... taken over 5 years ago

You have some things your department will want to clear up.

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Aurora, IL
Federal Officer / Agent
Actively Serving (has access to L.E. restricted areas)
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October 11
wiuleja58 commented on: "Brown Bans Open Carry".

"I think people are leaving IL and going out there and voting! "

July 26
wiuleja58 commented on: "This Cop Is Doing It Right ".

"That was a great job on OFC Lyons part!!!! Here in IL he would have been hooked for a few laws that "Jeremy" violated, one for the gun, one for the..."

July 12
wiuleja58 commented on: "Simple Question Earns Marine a Date With Mila Kunis".

"Glad to see that there are some actors out there that are willing to be seen and be with some of the brave men and women that are serving over seas..."

June 21
wiuleja58 commented on: "SWAT Team Cleared In Deadly Raid".

"By the look of the helmet cam it appears that he was just on the other side of the door waiting for them to enter. Glad to see that no OFCs were h..."

May 09
wiuleja58 commented on: "Cops Smash Obstinate Driver's Window at DUI Stop [Vid]".

"I see a law suit in the works. These fools are going to bring this tape in and say that their rights were violated, even though they clearly were ..."

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