Tags for John Groh- Deceased 12-6-2012

good old fart excellent backup Outstanding Friend A superviser that one could look up to for knowledge and support A supervisor who took the time to teach and not just order He made you feel like a person and not just another employee to bark orders at Knew his job and made sure that you got the job done one of my first supervisors knowledgeable dedicated dependable comfortable to discuss anything funny miss working with him Funny Great to talk with Such a wiseass The best dam daddy a girl could ever have Thank you for your service A Double Kick Ass Cop Please enjoy your retirement and God Bless Sets the Standard of excellence God Bless you in your retirement One of the few truely decent people on this Earth Appreciate your past service Stay safe God Bless you and your family Remember to have FUN with life Maryland True Blue VALUED FRIEND true blue warrior cool new friend A Member of the Old School Thank You For Wearing the Badge KICKS ASS IS SO BAD HE GOES TO THE BEACH AND KICKS SAND IN HIS OWN FACE with that pipe you could launch a career a in Hollywood as a Sherlock Holmes or even a Capt on the Deep Space 9 You have that look USE TO COMPLAIN THAT HIS ICE CREAM WAS TO COLD BUT HAS MATURED SINCE THOSE DAYS AT ONE TIME THOUGHT GRAPE NUTS WAS A SOCIAL DISEASE Would be HONORED to have partnered with TRUE BLUE AN HONOR HAVING YOU AS A FRIEND AND FELLOW LEO Dedicated and Trustworthy Warrior Dedicated Professional Blue to the Bone Hard Charger Veteran Officer Role Model American Patriot Proud to Know Marylands Finest Proud Father Brother in Christ Proud Grandpa Armed Forces Supporter Good friend good man John has spent a lifetime striving to accomplish good in everybodys life a friend indeed to all A Dedicated Veteran of the Streets Brother In Blue DRAG RACING FAN AT ONE TIME THOUGHT THE RAM CHARGERS WERE A BUNCH OF GUYS WHO BOUGHT SHEEP ON CREDIT Thank You For Protecting and Serving Admirably Great guy My PL Buddy Good family man One hell of an American Citizen Member of the CNR Group fellow sergeant Accomplished Warrior BAD ASS GOES TO THE BEACH AND KICKS SAND IN HIS OWN FACE TAKES NO PRISONERS BROTHER IN BLUE Brother in Blue Encourager A Fine Example of What a Leader Should Be One Hundred Percent True Blue WISE AND WONDERFUL MAKES ME SMILE MY IRRIPLACABLE BEST FRIEND ALWAYS THE BEST PARTNER ANYONE COULD EVER HAVE Leaves a LEGACY that will stand the test of time