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July 19
uspp459 commented on: "Man Escapes Police Cruiser, Jumps Off Bridge to His Death".

"And NOW! for the dumb s**t award goes to bozo the bridge jumper....Probably thought he was going down for the 16 year old. Where are her parents?..."

June 16
uspp459 commented on: "Slain Deputy Saw An Opportunity To Save A Life".

"I agree with 1Tinman. The commanders on scene should be brought up on derelection charges. They are vicariously responsible for Deputy Wyman's de..."

April 05
uspp459 commented on: "LAPD Bulldozes House, Finds Cop Shooter Dead Inside".

"We will tear your house down if you #%^ with us !"

March 29
uspp459 commented on: "Honored Department Veteran Arrested for Sexually Exploiti...".

"What's going on in Aurora?"

January 13
uspp459 commented on: "Fired Police Chief Wins Back Job After Eight-Year Fight".

"What will probably happen is they will move the current Chief to a position at HQ, or bump him down to the Assistant Chief with full chief's pay an..."

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