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Defender of Justice Great friend Leader Brother in Blue Animal Lover True BlueHero in Blue May God Bless Your Pathway Did not forget where he came from a true friend who always got your back always got an encouraging word hero encourager forever heart of gold role model Appreciate your past service Stay safe God Bless you Remember to have FUN with life Great New Friend Thank You For Protecting n Serving Admirably Past n Present Dedication God bless you in your retirement Crystal Lakes Guardian DEDICATED LEO BROTHER LE brother Funniest Guy on Policelink An American HERO Reaping the benefits of being a great sheepdog When I grow up I want to be just like YOU Chief Now A Retired Warrior Lay Back And Enjoy God Bless Always OUR HERO Extremely AWESOME very BLESSED one of the most balanced kind hearted guys EVER A man who was there when things started to change He remembers the old ways but always looked to the future for better ways of doing things A leader warrior kick ass motor cop from the old school true friend Thanks for the tribute You are just one of the sweetest Its a true honor to call you FRIEND A Man Who Wisdom Excedes His Years by your side till the last day call me if ya ever need the back up we wont go down with out a fight Wish I was a Chief You are grown up You need to hang with the big dogs instead of laying on the porch my brother be safe God Bless You are just one of the sweetest Its a true honor to call you FRIEND Got to love a brother that kicks sand in his own face wow John and you must be twins seperated at birth Men after each others heart Sweetheart Makes Me Feel Very Welcomed On Police Link The Man that saved Helen of Troy started the Trojan Horse Lineage started the phrase Whos your daddy To a legend if not in truth in his own mind he so tough Superman wears Dennis pajamas FROM THIS OLD CRUSTY SFC VET TO ANOTHER VET GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER FOR YOU SACRIFICE FOR OUR COUNTRY PROUD TO MEET YOU ON PL True Protector of America Thanks for your dedication and service MY SILVER HAIRED HERO HONORED TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND Stay Safe Rest assured you have helped people beyond measure ONLY THE BEST WE SALUTE YOURE EXCELLENT SERVICE Poppa Bear SHETLAND YOU ARE A TRUE BRO IN BLUE I APPRECIATE YOUR FRIENDSHIP SHETLAND IS OBSESSED WITH SAND LOL One Of The Finest LEOs God Ever Created VERY DEAR FRIEND SOMEONE I CAN DEPEND ON super nice man THANKS FOR MAKING MY DAY very generous and an all around nice person A MAN THAT KNOWS THE MEANING OF ETHICS AND LEADING BY EXAMPLE AN OPEN DOOR POLICY KICKS THE TIRES ON THE OLD PROCEDURES AND IF DOESNT WORK CHANGES PROCEDURE TO ENSURE IT IS MORE CONDUCIVE FOR THE LIFE AND SAFETY OF ALL CONCERNED I ADMIRE YOU WITH TOTAL RESPECT FOR ALL YOUVE DONE FOR OTHERS PAST AND PRESENT STAY SAFE MY TREASURED FRIEND Youre too kind Chief Dennis the a man among men he has a spirit that is second to nobody anyone shall hope to meet in their life he enriches the soul and has climbed to enormous heights through his ability to puch others up in their careers he is abreast of what is truly going on in the world as he is willing to share his skill and knowledge and lives apparently by the philosopy of to be a Professional One Must Remain A Student of Their Profession I am blessed to have his warm and patriotic Warrior Dedicated Professional Chief of Police Blue to the Bone Hard Charger Missouris Finest American Patriot Police Veteran Proud to Know Brother in Christ Armed Forces Supporter I consider being a friend of Chief dennis an honor Many have succeded in life because of this mans devout faith courage and duty A TRUE BLUE HUNK A MAN OF HIS WORD YOU TAKE WHAT HE SAYS TO THE BANK A MAN OF CONVICTION Shetland is a man that always gives and never takes he can uplift my spirits when I need it the most he is a brave and courageous brother in blue that has no limits in what he possesses in experience and unselfish honor to those that need him the most the world needs more men such as him to offer deep and sincere care when none seems available until you meet and communicate with the true impeccable man that he is everyone is blessed to have a friend that is as highly gifted in areas that he is that touches the hearts of all mankind I cherish his valuable friendship and would not trade him for anything as he makes the world go around for those that need a lift when they are down He is a true Role Model for anyone starting in the field of Law Enforcement in a society that is as volati YOU DEFINITELY ROCK YOU ABSOLUTELY CRACK ME UP YOU ROCK SHETLAND THE DUDE WHO HAS MORE TRIBUTES THAN I HAVE MONEY LOL YOU SHETLAND ARE ONE HILARIOUS GUY Fellow LEO Fellow Latino Fellow Brother One of Gods Amazing Works lovely wonderful person Would have been an Honor to partner with A True Friend Till the end A true friend who always tries to make you smile even when you are down Has been there and done that Knows how to forgive and forget A Brother Warrior Even In Retirement God Bless And Stay Safe Thank you Chief Thank you very much my friend Assists prospective LEOs funny nice guy Shaken Not Stirred OLD FART ADDICTED TO ICE CREAM DEDICATED thank you for all you doand have done from al2176 Wise and Discerning easy to talk to loves his beer and ice cream blessed with common sense We need more like Chief Dennis Grape Nuts the new STD ewwwwwww cluster of grapes is what an std can look like ewwwww My frugal friend Always the Chief and Great Supporter to us Rookies No nonsense straight forward WARRIOR My Man and Mentor Gives great advise Knows the meaning of FRIENDS Great GUY You will do GREAT Sticks to the scope and purpose Great Support System Thoughtful and Kind Great man Awesome role model His Famous Phrase bored are you always makes me chuckle on the worst of days A very supportive man A true Brother Thank You Great Guy just AXE Brightens even the Lowest of Days True Blue Friend Has your back True Friend True Chief One of a kind Heart of Gold CAPTAIN OF POLICE LINK Relax take a deep breath and eat some butter brickle ice cream Displays Sincerity Integrity and Confidence When this man speaks your ears should be OPEN Many consider UncD to be one of PLs role models Hes often seen here displaying his knowledge courage and confidence ONE OF THE BEST Chief Dennis is a true proffesional with a big heart Special Brother in Blue InsideOut True Hero Respectful Caring Professional great sense of humor likes butter brickle Honest Undisputed PL Love DoctorBlessed to have him as a PL Friend