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Pasadena, TX
Civilian / Other
Supporter / Enthusiast


Baseball, Fishing, I love Base/Basket Ball...but I definately would rather watch.I enjoy Pow Wows and Gatherings.
Favorite Movies:
I love the old black & whites, when GGarbo, JCrawford, VLeigh and CGable ( to say a few ) graced the silver screen,,,Gone With The Wind is my classic favorite, but I love too many movies to list,,,I love a great movie at home.
Favorite TV Shows:
Animal Planet, History Ch, Discovery and NatGeo ch.....TMC..Many more.
Favorite Music:
I love MUSIC.. most all genre's, such as Classical, Opera, Blues, R&B, Native American, African, Celtic, good old Rock, Country, most anything with the exception of what is called "headbanger" "punk", it gives me a headache. I love Cumbias, Salsa, It woul

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  • Knighttemplar2_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    Osiyo Rose,

    Thanks for the add! May the Creator watch over you and your family always!

    Your Cherokee Brother,

  • L_2ed5f2f3224d0865ca711976d6d2ebd7_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    It's difficult being in the middle when the two sides are at war with one another..when there is good in each other, how can one see this while evil overshadows it ?

  • Mercersburg_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    Thanks for the add.

  • John_groh_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    Thanks for accepting my invitation. Have a great week. John

  • Th_redraider_sq90_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    Thanks for the add and stay safe. "Go Tech".

  • Southtexas_max160_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    Thanks for accepting!

  • Plicon2_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    Thanks for the add! Have a great week and stay safe!

  • L_2ed5f2f3224d0865ca711976d6d2ebd7_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    I never thought about this until someone mentioned something special about my grandson.. I'm recalling so many wonderful memories of my own grandmother..and she was all a grandmother should be..and more.. I could never figure out what she could possibly be so happy about being saddled with me all the time.. believe it or not, this woman NEVER raised her voice nor her hand to me.. and I can remember really wanting to behave for her.. odd, since I USED to be such a handful....but she had a soft way, so much love in such a small person.. and she gave that to me.
    My babies visited me this past Sunday ( Easter ). The newborn was asleep, and my granddaugher was glued to Disney channel, so I crawled all over the place with my little man ( now almost 2 ).. As I sit here thinking about these three, who have stolen my heart.. I find my eyes tear up, because I feel an inmeasureable about of love for my wee one...and YES I love "grandmothering".. And I thank God for the Officers out there who do their best to keep my babies safe.. Thank You.