Tags for Michael Powell

Great friend Awesome inspiration and role model for anyone A Guardian in Uniform God Bless and a heck of a friend Dedicated Public Servant Gods Warrior True friend very sweet considerate friendly Proudly Served Super Trooper Protects and Serves Loyal Dedicated A Warrior that made it enjoy youre retirement brother Appreciate your past service Stay safe God Bless you and your family Remember to have FUN with life 5 Star of God Honorable Sincere IThe hair on my neck stands up every time I hear the LORDS PRAYER because I understand it now more than ever It is kind people like you that make me miss my career We are all Gods Peace Keepers and I thank you so much for the kind words God bless 34 years of dedicated service an example for all who have worn the uniform A TRUE FATHER brother in Christ inspiration encourager angel ROLE MODEL Heart of Gold sweetheart very very nice man one I would be proud to serve beside walking the beat and keeping us safe protecting PROTECTOR standing tall and helping people cant see his wings but they are there walk the beat with the angels God is watching over you go with God Great Brother in Blue and in Christ Brother In Christ Soldier Of God A true friend you can count on I would be honored to stand side by side with him anytime needed awesome new friend Proud father Warm hearted man Warrior Dedicated Professional Hard Charger Blue to the Bone American Patriot Proud to Know True Blue True American Hero Respected OUTSTANDING Motivating Generous Proud to know Friend My Hero AWESOME Role Model wonderful example thank you standing tall proudly serving and protecting A True Friend in Need Hero blue to the bone great new friend stands up for righteousness PROUD TO CALL HIM MY FRIEND AND BROTHER stands up for what he believes in loyal hardworking man God bless your pathway God bless you brother proud to call him friend WARRIOR MY NEW FRIEND A GENTLEMAN SWEET GUY MY NEW PL FRIEND BROTHER IN CHRIST SUPER GREAT DAD Michael you were called and you answered You have been an inspiration to all who know you Thanks for your admirable service to God Country and to your beautiful Family THANKS PATRIOT Kind Gentle Dedicated and Genuine here is a mans man and a cops cop who not only gave thirty four years of service to his citizens but thought enough of all people to train properly new officers to stay alive and serve and rest assured he did a perfect job of it EVERYDAY AMERICAN HERO TRUE PATRIOT TRUE LEADER DEDICATED PROUD TO CALL HIM FRIEND AND BROTHER ALL AMERICAN PATRIOT WAY to many to mention Mike you are ALL of these and more WONDERFUL CARING KIND AND VERY WISE IN HIS MANY YEARS INTELIGENT CONSIDERATE NEW FRIEND A great PL Member A true blessing to Alabama and all his aquaintences top Christian and Policeman RETIRED WARRIOR ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT AS YOU HAVE EARNED YOUR SPURS A VERY GENEROUS SOUL I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU WHEN I GROW UP PROUD TO KNOW you are all of these and moregod bless your pathway my new friend stay safe always I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU WHEN I GROW UP BIG BUBBA A MAN WHO IS RATHER THAN SEEMS POLITE AND TREATS HIS FRIENDS LIKE ROYALTY A TRUE ASSET TO PL REAL AMERICAN A GREAT AMERICAN SOMEONE I FEEL I HAVE KNOWN FOREVER AS THAT IS THE WAY HE MAKES YOU FEEL LOVES HIS DAUGHTER ONE OF THE NICEST PEOPLE I HAVE MET CARING GIVING TRUE BELIEVER IN GOD GOD BLESS STAY SAFE ALWAYS FOREVER SOMEONE I HAVE BEEN BLESSED TO HAVE MET