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COPS Support Ribbon


Plano, TX
Police Officer / Deputy Sheriff / Other Sworn Position
Retired (has access to L.E. restricted areas)
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Mountain Biking, Scuba Diving
Favorite Movies:
Super Troopers, Gladiator, No Country for Old Men
Favorite TV Shows:
Criminal Minds, The Unit, The Shield, Rescue Me
Favorite Music:

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January 21
tk83 received the quiz result of "51-75% correct".
January 11
tk83 received the quiz result of "80-100% correct".
July 07
May 27
May 18
tk83 commented on: "10 Must Do Actions Before Your Patrol Shift".

"Good article, I've seen way too many guys that walk in, grab their stuff and immediately head out. "

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  • Zee-2_max50


    over 6 years ago


    Thank you for the friendship and your service Sgt.and stay safe out there in TX.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Meinuniform_max50


    over 6 years ago


    Thanks for accepting the invitation. I'm glad to see you made it through a proud and difficult, fun yet dangerous career, thanks for accepting my invite; for 15 years I was a NYC officer/Detective for 15 years. You may be very interested in a group that I am VP of, on Policelink, it is called Policevets, it is designed to help all law enforcement professionals through their careers...the feelings and issues they may or will go through. It is especially designed to assist those who retired and or are disabled and retired. We know how difficult the transition from working law enforcement back to civilian, after so many years can be looked forward to as a retirement, yet turn into a very difficult transition, there also may be other issues or events that we will assist with concerning the retired /retired and disabled lw enforcement professional. We also, having worked as either the first or last line of defense for the country are veterans ourselves. Some have exchanged fire in a battle of life and death on the American soil. I was extremely involved in 9/11 and felt for the first few days that we were in a war on the front lines, and, in fact we were...You may enjoy hust looking at the site or participating in it, either way, it is a benefit to all in our field. If you would like to laugh a bit you may want to look at the site titled "My first arrest...", it is funny and enjoyable and brought back many good memories....this site is also perfect for just reading or participating. thank you for your hand in friendship, I look forward to keeping in touch. Michael