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San Antonio, TX
Civilian / Other
Considering a Police Career


Football, Baseball, Lifting weights/running
Favorite Movies:
Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Blackhawk down,Hamburger Hill, We were Soldiers, Heartbreak Ridge, U-571,Band of Brothers, Rules of Engagement, Troy, 300
Favorite TV Shows:
24, Law & Order, First 48, Forensic science, CSI, history channel
Favorite Music:
Rock, dance,Disco, 60' & 50s music

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June 01
thanos0341 commented on: "Boston Mayor Says No to Police Patrols With M-16s".

"Personaly speaking, you guys would begin to hate the M16A4 after a few months of having to clean them constantly. They are high maintenance weapons..."

May 24
thanos0341 commented on: "Rapper Bubba Sparxxx arrested on felony drug charge".

"Conspiracy I say! Everyone knows rappers are the salt of the earth! "

May 08
thanos0341 commented on: "Community Resists Placing SROs In Local Schools".

"Screw em then. Watch them cry like little maggote when some bullied teen gets fed up & goes shoot up their kids. Then they'l be crying "Oh, where w..."

May 06
thanos0341 commented on: ""Troops to COPS" Bill Would Help Veterans Becom...".

""crlittle554 states: "How would I have felt if, after having desired to be a cop for roughly 18 years of my life, I was refused because the departm..."

April 20
thanos0341 commented on: "Recon Marines Train Iraqi Commandos".

"Sorry, but if you don't think that there are not at least a couple of insurgents that aren't part of that graduating class, your fooling yourselves..."

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  • Herb_100_max50


    about 6 years ago


    Be Safe Out There! Check out my web site if ya get a chance:

    The Police News Section is updated daily


  • Braun_max50


    over 6 years ago


    Thanks for the add - Have a great week. Be Safe !!!

  • Psu_trip_05_023_max50


    over 6 years ago


    thanks for accepting the invite stay safe Semper Fi!!