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Dallas, TX
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May 06
texasCHL commented on: "Teen Tortured, Forcibly Tattooed, Left for Dead by Peers".

"Perhaps kidnapping would be an appropriate charge. Life w/o would be an appropriate sentence for the 4 perps."

texasCHL commented on: "Cops Smash Obstinate Driver's Window at DUI Stop [Vid]".

"Fine them $5K for interfering with the officers and the checkpoint. Maybe 30 days in jail could be arranged also. These guys are jerks."

April 07
texasCHL commented on: "Police Forced to Pepper Spray Unruly Second-Grader; Mothe...".

"Tasing the little tyke would have worked well also but probably less PC. There is only so much anyone can take from a small whirling dervish. One d..."

February 15
texasCHL commented on: "Cop-Killer's Family Demands Apology, Threatens Suit".

"I like the idea of a counter suit against the family. The city is right! Don't give them a dime!"

September 30
texasCHL commented on: "Angered Motorist Fractures Traffic Agent's Skull in Attac...".

"The prosecuter should examine harsher charges than assault. This perp needs to go away for a very long while. "

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    I like the articles