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Are You Good Enough for the FBI? taken over 1 year ago

You're a Match!


Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Cop? taken about 3 years ago

You’re a great fit for law enforcement. Let’s get you started!


Can I Be a Cop If... taken about 3 years ago

You passed the quiz!


What Kind of Police Vehicle Are You? Round II taken almost 4 years ago

You'd be a police chopper


The TV Cop Quiz taken almost 6 years ago

Special Agent Fox Mulder

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Summary: He is a great teammate and i would enjoy working with him at anytime.
  • Photo_max50
    Summary: Proud to have worked with Officer Goss (Shadow). Proud to be personal friends. Look forward to many more opportunities.
  • 33892268_max50
    Summary: A very good officer with high morals. Always one to be there watching your six. A great person/officer to work with.
  • Img00035-20100128-0533_max50
    Summary: Goss (Shadow) was a good person to work with. Work was fun having Goss around. He was a team player who loves loves Law Enforcement.
  • Wpns_table_max50
    Summary: Regardless of the situation he supported the unit and mission first. Dedicated and hard charging, stays on his troops to ensure they are doing the right thing. It was a pleasure to have him, never had to worry about his assignment.

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