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Protecting us from THEM A warrior Served His Country well A true hero A great American patriot Warrior wise great guy Dedicated to the job The job worked on him EVERY DAY AMERICAN HERO PROUD TO CALL HIM FRIEND AND BROTHER TRUE LEADER Always does an AWESOME job fearless brave go with God inspiration ROLE MODEL heart of gold A Constant Reminder of What Friendship Means Thank you for your continued dedication and service Appreciate your past and present service in very important areas of Law Enforcement and other areas Stay safe God Bless A Fellow Retired NYPD Warrior God Bless And Stay Safe A TRUE BLUE BLOOD BROTHER God Bless you in your retirement LE brother Jefferson Guardian Thank You for Protecting and Serving Admirably PROUD TO CALL HIM FRIEND NYPD TRUE BLUE HEART OF GOLD Thank you for your service once in always in Some I would be proud to work with A brother in blue Chuck is old school he remembers how it once was and knows how it should be I would have been proud to have worked next to this man of integrity and guts AN HONOR HAVING YOU AS A FRIEND AND FELLOW LEO Dedicated and Trustworthy DRAG RACING FAN AT ONE TIME THOUGHT THE RAM CHARGERS WERE A BUNCH OF GUYS THAT GOT SHEEP ON CREDIT SOLID Know what morals are and uses them Dedicated Professional Blue to the Bone Hard Charger New Yorks Finest Armed Forces Supporter American Patriot Proud to Know Irish Brother NYPD Veteran Fidelis ad Mortem one of the best from one of the finest jobs in the world Special in every sense of the word My good friend A Brother NYPD Warrior An Ass Hole That Ate Crap And Enjoyed It HONORED TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND WOULD HAVE LOVED TO WORKED SIDE BY SIDE OLD TIMER KICK ASS WARRIOR GOES TO THE BEACH AND KICKS SAND IN HIS OWN FACE TAKES NO PRISONERSI WANT TO BE LIKE YOU WHEN I GROW UP CHUCK WENT TO A BULIMIA PARTY THATS WHERE THE CAKE JUMPS OUT OF THE GIRL My Favorite MICK ITS BEEN SO LONG I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOUR PICTURE ON A MILK CARTON DRAG RACING FAN THOUGHT THE RAM CHARGERS BOUGHT SHEEP ON CREDIT