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Lansing, MI
Federal Officer / Agent
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    DPS Promotion


Football, Baseball, Hockey, Fishing, Motorcycle HD
Favorite Movies:
Wild Hogs
Favorite TV Shows:
Myth Busters, Dirty Jobs
Favorite Music:
Anything 60-70 Rock & Roll

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February 04
scott557 joined the group "Michigan Cops".

Michigan Cops

scott557 joined the group "Warthogs Public Safety Motorcycle Club".

Warthogs Public Safety Motorcycle Club

January 30
scott557 and flatfoot1067 are now friends.
January 18
scott557 commented on the article "Cop Killer In Custody After Standoff".

"Almost 30 years ago I was on duty when a brother was killed while trying to pickup a hitchhker in a massive rain storm. I couldn't understand why s..."

November 20
scott557 commented on the article "Racy Photos Emerge Featuring Hoboken Police Chief".

"Just glad I am retired. Racy pictures, how about watching TV!!!"

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