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rwohlsein: Quiz Results


Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Cop? taken almost 5 years ago

You’re a great fit for law enforcement. Let’s get you started!


What Kind of Police Vehicle Are You? Round II taken almost 5 years ago

You wouldn't be a police car. You'd be getting stopped by one!


Informed’s 3rd Edition Law Enforcement Field Guide: Test Your Knowledge taken about 7 years ago

Informed Field Guide Rookie


Washougal, WA
Private Security or Investigator
Recruit / Cadet
Relationship Status:


Shooting, Fishing, Hunting,
Favorite Movies:
Cant Hate Super Troopers can you?
Favorite Music:
Everything except religious or country music

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rwohlsein: Activity

March 05
rwohlsein commented on: "No Surprise Here: Crime Dramatically Up Since NJ Police L...".

"Hmmmm, a place that has strict gun laws concerning lawful responsible citizens owning and carrying firearms concealed as well as purchasing and reg..."

rwohlsein gave a thumbs down to The Article "Obama: Keep US Agents Disarmed in Mexico".
rwohlsein commented on: "Obama: Keep US Agents Disarmed in Mexico".

"Sending unarmed agents into a country that is riddled with corruption and the cartels are better armed than our own police force in the US. I am gl..."

January 21
rwohlsein received the quiz result of "51-75% correct".

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  • Me__mr


    almost 5 years ago


    Hey Ryan--Thanks for the add. Nice to meet you. Be safe up there in Washougal and have a great rest of the week. The weekend is spinning in real fast. Carl