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    about 6 years ago

    I am Stanley Cohen and more information about me is at

    For years, as Editor of The Pennsylvania Police Criminal Law Bulletin, and a former Cincinnati, Ohio, police officer (1960-67) I have been urging police patrol officers to wear ballistic face shields/helmets because I am convinced that if the 856 police officers who have been murdered by shots to the head had been wearing one when the bullet that killed them they would have survived and lived. My ultimate goal is to live to see an officer who is wearing one when he/she is shot in the head survive and live and go back home to his/her loved ones. I have attached the list of the 856 police officers, and a list of police officers supporting the idea, and conversation I have had with police chiefs on the matter.

    I am writing to ask your organization or anyone reading this if you could please help in any way, however minor, to promote the idea in the police profession and among police patrol officers and to help me achieve the goal mentioned above of saving one police officer's life by the officer wearing a ballistic face shield when hit by a bullet?

    Thank you for anything you can do to help.

    Stanley Cohen