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Norriegirl is my favorite police chic BAD BTCH in a good way Norrienary haha with a little practice she could be one hell of a bellydancer Good Cop Ur dogs say you make one helluva pet they have you very well trained What can I say Shes the hottest chic I ever drank with danced with and sang karaoke to Way to go baby I dont sing for just anybody Nice pics HI YADOON my friend you are absolutely a good cop The best bad bitching good cop yahoo pic displaying dog petting hot chick drinking karaoke singing table top belly dancing cop I never met hottest chick i havent drank with my phone didnt ring you know i wouldnt let you sleep on the street i would take dog and all Great friend Awesome LEO Unpredictable Smart Crazy PL Friend Sister Cop Will add more when I know more gaseous one Nice Dependable Walmart Shopper RAGIN CAJUN High Speed Low Drag and hard to keep up with My Chatzy Buddy RPW for LIFE cool chicka One of the V girls Champion farter The LSU Kitty One Crazy Girl Badges dont impress me Ive got one My old young girlfriend Intelligent SmoKiNG LIKES EMF Nice pics HI YADOON Absolutely GORGEOUS BeaUtIFuL table top belly dancing cop I never met the only one i would share a unisex bathroom with Norries the T Norries outta Fing control and Im lovin it Gorgeous smile very funny friends Fortress Norrie Ragin Cajun Who DAT your dogs are smokin hot Warrior Dedicated Professional American Patriot Beautiful Brave Hard Charger Blue to the Bone Proud to Know Sister in Christ NEW FRIEND LOUISIANA LADY LA sister in blue Loyal Friend BEER PO PO Good friend to talk to An Intelligent Investigator FUNNY CHIC Appreciate your service in a very important area of Law Enforcement Stay safe and God Bless Proudly Serving and Protecting A Hard Charger Great Crime Figther Angel from above Thank you for an outstanding job Got our backs 24 hrs 7 days a week Sister In Blue LA Crime Fighter