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Huntsville, AL
Dispatcher / Communications
Actively Serving


Favorite Movies:
Boondock Saints

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  • Pl17_max50


    over 7 years ago

    Thanks for the add. care, stay safe and keep in touch. Clorissa

  • Picture_005_max50


    over 7 years ago

    Thanks for the Add, Stay safe and God Bless!

  • Th_redraider_sq90_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    Thanks for the add and stay safe. "Go Tech".

  • Cpd_memorial_star00_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    Obama Update: Are you ready for the House Bill titled 'HR 45, Blair Holt Licensing and Record Act of 2009'. It will make it illegal to own a firearm unless it is registered with the database in Washington D.C. As a gun owner you will have to be finger printed, you will be required to provide your DL#, SS#, you must maintain a valid address at all times, submit to mental and physical health records being put on file, you will also be required to file any address changes and any ownership changes even if a private sale. Each update will cost $25 and if you fail to comply you will lose your right to own firearms. This bill and its language mirror almost completely one defeated last year in the House of Representatives by soon to be Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Will we the citizens be as lucky this time? How Sad that we must fight so hard just to keep our rights. Write your congress and anyone to help stop this in it's tracks. Inform Everyone You Know of This NOW.....

  • Rememberance_ribbon_max600_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    Thanks for the add... Have a great day and stay safe... AJ

  • Knighttemplar2_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    Howdy Michelle,

    Thanks for the add! God bless and have a great week!


  • Cpd_memorial_star00_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    Hi, and Thanks for the add. May You have a Great Day Today and a Better Day Tomorrow. Stay Safe, Stay In Touch, and God Bless You.