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Bath, ME
Federal Officer / Agent
Considering a Police Career


Football, Shooting, Martial Arts, Fishing, Hunting, computors

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March 16
mdnghtlover2001 posted in: "Trying to become a LEO?".

i have not decided yet what i want to do yet;but i always want to be a police offer,but i really wanted to be in fbi,or something like that,maybe i...

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mdnghtlover2001 reviewed: "Beretta PX4 Storm".

"i used this wepon in arny this is great wepon and greta for outdoors,and very good for the every day guy to buy and afford too,but also it is very ..."


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  • Framednobleeagle_max50


    about 7 years ago


    yes but not everybody in life grows up english too,there srg,so if you were any kind of a person then you would get to know the person,before you made a judgement on them,then you would or might know that not everybody is english or has such great education like you,there srg,so if you don't like my english then i don't think you are very good person to sit here and judge someone before you even know them,,,,,,,,from richard,yes i'm college,but not college you might think it is-it is a colloge for people that have had a brain injury and are trying to get back into life and trying recover from it,so if you got anything else to say and think that you might have another judgement call on me,first get to know me,then make one-------richard,and as my grandfather would say to you too-before you can judge someone,try walking in thier shoe for a mile then judge them:if you can in mine then you [might]have a chance at maybe judgeing me:till then don't please even consider yourself good enough to do this:

  • Framednobleeagle_max50


    about 7 years ago


    i'm soo sory guys and gals,i have been soo busy with school-college,and teaching too,that i even forgot,that i had page here till one of my friends asked me how becoming a pocile offer was going then i remember;i didn't mean to forget you all:so now that i have added you to my favorites lists,i will check on you all the time-so please forgive me,and i'm really sorry didn't mean too:form richard d. mcd. west bath maine:so i have started my page for you all to look at,but i'm really new at this so it may take me awhile to get everything in that i would like,but just give me tiome i will fix it all:i'm even trying to do my page on yahoo-360 and still cann't figure everything yet out on there yet,i have been there for almost a year or little more and stilling trying to figure it out,so great seeing you guys again and i promise i will be back as i can,ok?all:i love my page here just forgot that was all:sincely any of you would like to chat live and give me tips on how to do a page i could sure use it and the help too,thanks to you all: