Tags for Marie Siemens

Warrior laid back OUTSTANDING Individual Very Outgoing Cool Christian Cop True Caring Friend superfly chick tough Talented honest Fortune Teller 2 good 2 b true but is Sweet Indescribable in all the good ways of course Up Late Helpful Kind Loves Life Adventerous Pretty lady Fun Super Cop Great song writer DETERMINED Smart and Loving traveling songwriter A very nice caring person on top of that you are YOU nuff said ha ha Incredibly Talented Will add more when I know more probably many more of the assets but I just dont know you well enough to make a determination Sincere Humble SUPERGIRL Nice Lady gotta luv a girl with that name Like she said Life should end up with WOO HOO what a ride anyone that makes it out alive wiithout becoming 5150 from So Cal is ok by me One of Kind Never to be Repeated A Great friend super singer and writer makes you wanna go ahhh Lives life to the fullest BAD ASS Shes CHP Enough said Loyal wonderful and caring friend respected outgoing and super friendly excellent in her profession righteous musician BEST OF THE BEST OUTGOING AMBITIOUS dont know her that well but from what I know shes super in my book Old School Academy Not enough of us out there to show the rooks how its really done and not from a book either Very pretty voice Friendly A real trooper no pun intended She has been there and done that nuff said Living The Good Life Retired Squeezing life for all its worth Lovely Lady Funny as hell Survivor Creative Beautiful Kick A Good Friend Honest Caring Veteran Copper Strong Patriot Intelligent Dedicated DID I FIRE SIX SHOTS OR ONLY FIVE retired and making TBABY jealous Thanks for reaching out to old retired Sarge here Marie I appreciate the invite to be your friend Encourager making life work no matter what is handed to her a true professional in everything she does brings joy and hope to everyone she meets PL Friend True Role Model Great music a hard worker Pretty Interesting Shes BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT a heavenly musician an American heroine one superior human being one excellent copunlike anyone else once again a great musician South Dakota songbird and an American patriot and heroine Thank You Enjoyed the few contacts we have had Look forward to getting to know her better and swap stories This is one cool dedicated gal Outstanding background You go girl Thanks for your kind words Im glad I got to chance to know you on the link and Im sure we will get to know eachother better as the time goes on Take care A lovely and very kind lady Mother of a Marine Someone to look up to Just a person that you would want to call a Friend Adventurous Encouraging hard working committed dedicated I want to be like her when I grow up lady You go girl your friend in Houston Thank you for including me in your PL friend group CHP Sister Good person Survived the CHP dream OUTSTANDING Love your music Edwardsthegreat Sorry ive been out of the loop for a while DEA is keeping me busy as everhope all is well True supporter true officer A true artist ANOTHER CASUALTY OF THE WAR Policevet I love you Love ya gal SUPERWOMAN motorcycle lover Thank you so much amazing lady wonderful totally awesome True Blue A Patriot beautiful lady sweet friend unbreakable so glad to be your friend always there courageous God bless you A TRUE FRIEND IN A CRAZY WORLD Proud Grandma