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Do You Know Your 10-Codes? taken almost 5 years ago

51-75% correct

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COPS Support Ribbon




COPS Support Ribbon

Jim Sweeney

Somerville, NJ
June 08, 1955
Civilian / Other
Supporter / Enthusiast
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Baseball, My new Grand-daughter
Favorite Movies:
Once Upon a Time in America
Favorite TV Shows:
Anything on the History Channel
Favorite Music:

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December 16
jims4 commented on: "Three female Vietnamese coffee shop workers cited for bei...".

"I grew up in San Jose and I never saw anything like this in the coffee shops I visited. I wish the old 4&20 Pies shop at Kooser and Blossom Hil..."

jims4 commented on: "Feds Go After Arpaio For Civil Rights Violations".

"Tell them to kiss off Sheriff Joe and then please run for president....."

jims4 commented on: "candor,nc fires 4 out of 5 police officers".

"uncledennis1, North Carolina is a right to work state. They can be terminated at will with no reason given. In union shops, it is optional to join ..."

October 27
jims4 commented on: "Cop killer gets parole!".

"This is a case of the DOC not wanting to take on the burden of treating his disease, Myeloma. I will never be convinced differently. I pray he drop..."

jims4 commented on: "Irvington will pay $30K settlement to man attacked by pol...".

"This is one reason the K9 unit was disbanded. Run from the police, you will get bitten, especially after being warned the dog will be released. If ..."

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