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Louisville, KY
Federal Officer / Agent
Actively Serving

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January 14
ianmcian reviewed the product: "Springfield 1911 A1 Loaded".

"Once again I'll have to say, don't get the TRP. After the Kimber fiiasco I went higher not lower (like my friend the shooting instructor advised) a..."

ianmcian reviewed the product: "Kimber Custom TLE II .45".

"I had the Rail version. I tried Kimber magazines, Wilson magazines, Chip Mccormick magazines, nothing was relaible. If it does not break in in a ha..."

ianmcian reviewed the product: "Walther PPK/S".

"Not sure if I am writing a review of the Interarms and the Smith&Wesson or both. I've owned three, one Interarms and two Smith and Wesson. Of the T..."

December 22
ianmcian reviewed the product: "Glock Model 30 .45ACP".

"OK, this is for you Officer/Chief's who have control over firearms policy in your Dept. The Glock30 is wonderfull. I have carried it everyday on du..."

ianmcian reviewed the product: "Glock 21".

"While I was in Afghanistan my Dept stopped autherizing 9mm pistols. Having owned several .40S&W pistols I decided I was not willing to pay the accu..."


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