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Rossville, IN
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February 11
gunnerv1 commented on: "Kid Almost Suspended for Playing with Lego Cop".

"Sadly, this is the state of mind we now have, there has even been instances where the child was suspended for just DRAWING a firearm. PC is going t..."

February 04
gunnerv1 commented on: "Audio: Slain Arizona Officer Was Wary of Passenger".

"There is nothing worse nor as vile as a Cop killer, I hope that they still give the Perp the KFC treatment in AZ. (Regular or Extra Crispy). RIP Br..."

February 02
gunnerv1 commented on: "Juvenile Detention Officer Beaten to Death".

"This will turn out one of two ways, he will go out in a blaze or he will be captured in an attic crying, any bets? My prayers to the LEO and his fa..."

gunnerv1 commented on: "Police: Father Told Kids to 'Bite the Officers' Faces Off'".

"Damn, they'll let just any idiot breed, let me guess, came out of a Trailer park."

gunnerv1 commented on: "Vest Saves Ambushed Officer's Life, Shooter Killed".

"Never release (unless to another department) a drunk to anyone untill they can do a "clean" blow."

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