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The PoliceLink Career Coach taken over 6 years ago

Detective / Special Agent


How Do You Handle Danger? taken over 6 years ago

You handle danger with Courage


Good Cop / Bad Cop taken over 6 years ago

Good Cop

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    Summary: Working with Alan has been fullfilling and sometimes surprising experience. He has been supportive and respectful when necessary and a good friend.
  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Summary: A very loyal and caring person who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.
  • 002_max50
    Summary: Alan can usually tell when a suspect is lying to him. He is also relentless when working a case. He won't stop until he catches the guilty party.
  • Bear_max50
    Summary: Alan is the one you want at your back and the one you will follow. He always looks at the big picture and can still see the little things. When you send him, you send the best.
  • In_remembrance_of_oakland_pd_max50_max50_max50_max50
    Summary: I know I can count on Alan at anytime, on or off duty. Alan is like a brother to me. We can tell each others moods, know what each other is thinking and what to do in situations. WE CLICK!!

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May 05
gudercop posted in: "Coeur d'Alene officer succumbs to gunshot wound".

Rest In Peace Brother

gudercop posted in: "New sleep schedule".

Hey Irishcop what is court? I have not testified in court more than 6 times my entire 17 years in Law Enforcement. LOL 2 of those times was in Fede...

gudercop posted in: "New to the forums".

Good luck on the test and welcome to P.L.

gudercop posted in: "Favorite B class Pant".

I am wearing a long sleeved polo and a pair of 5.11 Tac. pants at work right now. we got away from the poly pants prior to me starting here 15 year...

gudercop posted in: "New sleep schedule".

Are these shifts week to week or on a monthly or greater basis. We work 2 months of day shift and 10 months of nights. 4 on and 3 off. the night be...