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How Do You Handle Danger? taken over 5 years ago

You handle danger with Brains


Fort Worth, TX
Federal Officer / Agent
Actively Serving (has access to L.E. restricted areas)

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August 09
garydon4 commented on: "Cops Release Chase Video of 3 Fugitive Siblings".

"Great job by officer- cool, calm, clear voice.... you could understand every word he said."

July 19
garydon4 commented on: "Best Of: Ridiculous Speeding Excuses".

"67 in a 30, and still accelerating (18 year old 'friendly' female).
Reason? Because, driving a pickup with a 3-speed in the column, she had to kin..."

June 28
garydon4 commented on: "Alaska State Troopers: Trooper Weapons ".

"Nice job, Trooper. Professional, good PR. And, Alaska is 'special'. I wish the media would quit the "50,000 volt" bit, though. (TASER = Thomas ..."

December 10
garydon4 posted in: "Looking for Small Carry weapon".

For really small (i.e. BUG)
If you can find one (no longer made), S&W CS45 is quick, light, and reliable.
I sold mine (it was my ankle carrie...

October 28
garydon4 commented on: "Judges Order All Cops Entering Courthouse Searched".

"I guess if you need a gun, you can take the bailif's."

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