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Talladega, AL
Corrections / Probation / Parole Officer

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October 19
fsteele47 commented on: "Off Duty Cop Shoots Two Who Break into His Home".

"How sad for the officer and his wife. No name of officer but a discription of the block he lives on. How stupid of the newspaper. Good shooting"

October 05
fsteele47 commented on: "Man Points Pellet Gun at Officer, Is Fatally Shot".

"Good job. The idiot needed that "

October 01
fsteele47 commented on: "Handcuff Escape".

"I had an inmate do this to me in prison. I placed him in his cell, by the time had the cell locked, he handed me the cuffs."

fsteele47 commented on: "This Officer is Shot, but backup is right there".

"To bad for the bad guy, good thing for the officer. That is the way all drug dealers need to end up. "

September 18
fsteele47 commented on: "The CO Song".

"The CO song is great. I wish it was in use when I worked in prison. Brought back a bunch goose bumps. "

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