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THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK God Bless you Tom your duty and honor as a past LEO and fireman combined with you military sacrificial service is remarkable and my gratitude goes deep for you and the warrior spirit that you possess and the many risks you took in honor unselfishly is contributed to your heroic actions deeply embedded in your heart as one of Gods chosen servants thanks so much and stay safe and secure Michael Very heroic Thank you for everything you did for your country Dedicated and Committed Dual service Warrior and Public Servant A true inspiration Very nice and respectful Sweetheart Awesome person Guardian Certified AMERICAN best email buddy caring and reliable Sweetest man around MY FAMILY 4 LIFE BROTHER 4 LIFE A MANS MAN A COPS COP A FIREFIGHTERS FIREFIGHTER A VETS VET A GREAT MAN HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH Great New Friend on PL Kind Considerate Hard Dedicated Worker Selfless service One of the most AMAZING people Ive had the please of knowing Chivalrous GENEROUS a VALUABLE friend Cop and firefighter and militray veteran Borther you are my HERO Extremely Talented Fellow veteran Appreciate your past and present service in very special areas Stay safe and God Bless Fireman The greatest friend I have ever had Gods greatest gift to all that knows you A genuine person you rarely find in this world MY SUPPORT A DEDICATED BROTHER SERVING OUR MILITARY PROTECTING OUR NATION PROUD TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND Thank you brother Vet may your dreams come true I back you 100 percent the future belongs to the ones who believe in the beauty of their dreams inspiration born to succeed ACHIEVER GO FOR IT I know youll do just fine watch your six warrior Thanks for your dedicated and faithful service fellow vet Warrior Dedicated Professional Hard Charger Army Veteran American Patriot Air Force Veteran Firefighter Proud to Know A TRUE HERO Thanks for your dedicated and faithful service fellow vet and good luck in all you do Always my dear friend