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What Kind of Police Cruiser Are You? taken over 6 years ago

You'd be a Crown Vic


Stew Smith's Fitness Challenge taken over 6 years ago

More Fit than Most


Malvern, AR
Federal Officer / Agent
Actively Serving

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June 16
dussery commented on: "Cop Fired For Responding to Officer Down Call".

"This is what happens when civilians are put in charge of Law Enforcement hiring and disciplinary action. They don't understand the calling of the j..."

October 29
dussery commented on: "Police Officer Suspended for Ticketing Mayor's Son".

"You need reasonable suspicion to stop a vehicle, and probable cause to issue a citation. A car attempting to avoid a checkpoint gives rise to the ..."

June 25
dussery commented on: "Mayor Apologizes For Police Trash Can Photos".

"Hey Dingleberry, if you don't want your photo in the paper, don't pass out in a trash can. Police action = public record. Deal with it. Loser"

May 11
dussery commented on: "Officer Shoots Driver Who Dragged Him Down Street".

"jmmartin its the exact same thing that a NY cop was sent to prison for and Al Sharpton was screaming bloody murder over. I seriously doubt it will ..."

March 30
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  • Imgp0287_max50


    over 6 years ago


    Fitness Challenge + DUssery = Haha