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Union City, NJ
Federal Officer / Agent
Spouse / Family Member


Patch Collecting, Badge Collecting, Football, Hockey, Shooting, Martial Arts, Cycling, Fishing, Hunting, motorcycleing

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    almost 9 years ago

    life is a test to add good cortex too all of the earths vortex, and help each other out in times of need!!
    and the right to bear arm,s to protect one,s life!!!and keep our u.s.a. safe from all that would do bad
    to it , and to add / they live amugus ,!!it us to all to keep our ears and eye,s open for action,s that can
    be a danger to the usa and all that dwell in it , if you see going on call for help .fast !!this why in u.s. we trust to do the right things in life!!! to bring peace and karma to all our live,s!!!!