Tags for dolphinblue

An instant friend Appreciate your service in a very important area of Law Enforcement Dedicated and Committed Future LEO You have what it takes Thanks for being there Sweetie God Bless you and your family A Great Mother Friend A strong woman that knows God dedicated mom of four caring friend Appreciate your past and present service Stay safe A TRUE HERO Fellow KAPLAN student Sweet Lady God bless you and your family Outstanding Supporter Of Law Enforcement SPECIAL FRIEND Great friend to have on PL great mom focused on her goals great Pl friend Our Appreciated Florence Nightingale A FUTURE WARRIOR IN BLUE Future Detective Due Diligence is her middle name Seeks the truth Has my back as I have hers NURSE WHAT MORE DOES ONE NEED TO SAY ANGEL NURSE NURTURER Very sweet So special A Sweetheart Very Beautiful True Warrior Hard Charger Great Mother Special Heart True blue God bless you always VERY THOUGHTFUL GENEROUS May God Bless Your Pathway thanks for your friendschip A very kind woman that knows God and is a thoughtful friend Dedicted and successful LEO SUPPORTER Angel In White Always thinking of others Sherry is ALL that people have tributed her about and even more A giver not a taker Insightful Courages Survivor Strong ITS AN HONOR TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND TRUSTWORTHY A ROLE MODEL TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE The Perfect Example Of One The Perfect Example Of A Person Perfect Example Of One A Perfect Example Of Ones Past Not Dictating Ones Future Computer Is Acting Stupid Sorry For The Extra Tributes I Would Be Honored to Watch Your Back A true friend and exceptional person A true angel and mentor on earth A gifted RN a proud mother and a support of LEO A sister if the brotherhood You are safe now God Bless you and your stuggles Special Person Blue Line Advocate loyal Friend SWEET FRIEND SISTER IN CHRIST BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT GOD BLESS YOUR PATHWAY SOMEONE I CAN DEPEND ON The ultimate team player DOES SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK A COMMUNITY NEEDS MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU AND WATCH OVER YOU AS YOU CARE FOR OTHERS a personal messenger of God Sherry is one strong lady she is brave she is extremely helpful in her chosen field a dynamic friend a blessing sent from God and she is uplifting in the strength she shares in the story of her misfortune that she chose to be an example toward being a survivor and not a life long victim A SPECIAL LADY Walks the walk Talks the talk Thanks For All That You Do You Rock RN Angel Thanks to a good woman who treats friends with respect Not just a Survivor but an Overcomer ONE I CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON FOREVER GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOU A beacon of light to all of us One of a kind SOMEONE WHO IS ALWAYS REMEMBERING HER FRIENDS AND STOPS BY YOU WILL BE THE FUTURE IN THE POLICE WORLD YOUR WHAT IS NEEDED OUT THERE FOR YOUR HEART IS SO GREAT SHE HAS A GOOD HEART AND CAN FEEL WHAT OTHERS FEEL GREAT TROLL HUNTER A Beautiful Young Lady who WILL survive the academy and all lifes obstacles Honored to have as My New PL FRIEND Strong Lady Loving Heart Guided by God to Help Others Amazing Woman Someone EVERYONE can Learn From I Want to be Like You when I GROW UP Special Angel A true role model wish I could be as strong A Lady Who Makes The World A Better Place A Fighter A Real Warrior Stay Strong SemperFi Simply WOW What a lady The example of Christian Soldier SEMPER FI A bright ray of sunshine in the darkness New Friend A truely special Lady who care for others more than herself Beautiful STRONG blessed AMAZING wonderful angel sent from GOD an amazing woman all around Remember always to Put on all of Gods armor EPHESIANS 61117 You Are Amesome A good friend Thanks for the support You are a Warrior and a Warlord against the evil doer The hand of God reaching the hurt and bringing healing to the heart You are my sister Never forgets a friend Left me speechless with her courage Inspiration to us all Assaults expecially the ones that you deal with are extremely traumatic You are one of the true heros TRUE BLUE A Speical Member of Gods Team An Honor to know you A special friend of all PL LEOs Thanks for all the psychological first aid Truly Inspiring Using skills learned in life A Warriors Spirit real sweet personpatty Thoughtful towards others You are a remarkable person May Heavenly Father always keep a watch on you and keep you save Thanks for allowing me to call you a freind As the family of the dolphin is family oriented so is Dolphin Blue in all that she does caring for others in what she does May the Lord allow you to follow in the steps of a great care giver in the LEN field SOZA Sister very proud and strong women caring thank you for being you Wonderful Lady and Friend OUTSTANDING IN ALL RESPECTS A hero to the community Her STRENGTH and FAITH remains intact