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Portland, OR
Corrections / Probation / Parole Officer
Actively Serving


Football, Shooting, Cycling
Favorite Movies:
Carrie, Jaws, Anything with Steve Martin.
Favorite TV Shows:
Friends, Lost, CSI Vegas, Law and Order Special Victims Unit
Favorite Music:
Classic Rock i.e. Foreigner, Styx, Rush, Boston

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August 06
cygnusx1 commented on: "Convicted Cop Killer Faces New Charges".

"Only 15 years. He killed a man A COP FOR **** SAKE? This judicial system is f****d!!!"

July 28
cygnusx1 commented on: "Video reveals traffic stop's fatal turn".

"Stupid crooks."

July 07
cygnusx1 commented on: "Dashcam Released of Arkansas Police Slayings".

"Horrendous. Families, I will pray for the fallen and you. So sorry about the loss. "

May 25
cygnusx1 commented on: "Seattle Officer Assaulted Outside Precinct".

"Why didn't she shoot them? IMO (Intent, Means, Opportunity) were all evident and easily explained if the information provided was accurate. . "

May 20
cygnusx1 commented on: "Ariz. Immigration Law Divides Police Across US".

"For anyone, cop or otherwise, who doesn't see the logic in this law: THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT AMERICANS HAVE BEEN RAPED AND KILLED by illegal alien sc..."

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