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WELCOME TO PL GOD BLESS YOUR PATHWAY Thank you for your dedication and service to LE and our great country American patriot proactive kind and thoughtful friend thanks for adding me hope to get to know u A TRUE HERO IN BLUE FREEDOM FIGHTER A REAL AMERICAN HERO SOMEONE TO BE PROUD OF MY NEW PL FRIEND IN BLUE To a good and loving father A DEDICATED AMERICAN HERO GREAT FRIEND AND PATRIOT creative May God take care of you where ever you go Great new friend a great person I have had the priviledge to get to know One Of The Finest LEOs God Ever Created Genuine Fellow Wisconsinite Great listener Thanks for your faithful service in a very special part of LE God Bless you and your family stay safe Amazing father Couldnt find a better friend honest heart of gold amazingly perceptive and kind Thank U for your thoughtfulness a real sweetheart amazingly thoughtful A Truly Dedicated Father and Friend Dedicated and Committed An Outstanding Father And An Awsome Friend Great Helper Heart Of Gold Stay Safe GIVING AND KIND PL FRIEND Wonderful Man a great BFF Wonderful person and an even better boyfriend A TRUE WARRIOR AND BROTHER THAT I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE MEET Hes got my back INTERESTING SMART KIND FUNNY STEADY PATIENT GRACIOUS WELL READ SOMEONE TO LEARN FROM TALENTED WRITER A wonderful friend with a heart of gold A Wonderful PL Friend Very Thoughtful A Genuine Good Guy A truly amazing gentleman that im proud to have as my friend Has got my back Heart of Gold So Happy You Are My Friend God Bless You Always The best man to have beside me Wonderful and caring husband Thank you just for being you 0