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Informed’s 3rd Edition Law Enforcement Field Guide: Test Your Knowledge taken over 8 years ago

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Cartersville, GA
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I like Tennis, rummie, and watching action movies. Theres alot I love I just can't remember it all right know. I'm sure theres alot I love that I have not even figured out that I love yet!!! LOL
Favorite Movies:
The Die Hard movies (all of them) The Lethal weapon movies (all of them) The bad boy movies (both of them) The Departed and Street Kings (but I have some ethics issues with those 2 movies)
Favorite TV Shows:
gosh there are so many:In Plain sight, Inside american jails, cops, criminal minds, house, raising the bar, the mentalist, army wives, saving grace, the closer and the list goes on and on.
Favorite Music:
really just depends on my mood: Gospel for calming nerves, country late at night are cleaning, rock for cleaning, and rap for any exercising ,sometimes for cleaning also.

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